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Kao -Tu (Sweetened Pounded Rice)

       By: Chef Mai  

Recipe Detail :

Kao - Tu  (Sweetened Pounded Rice) - The charm of Thai food and dessert that indicate unique and fascinating Thai culture. Nowadays this dessert is harder to find. Some people would not recognize. You probably heard the name but do not know where it comes from.This recipe come from folk wisdom that makes the rice can keep longer. You can serve this dessert with afternoon tea. It can go very well together.

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Kao -Tu  (Sweetened Pounded Rice) - The charm of Thai food and dessert that indicate unique and fascinating Thai culture. Nowadays this dessert is harder to find. Some people would not recognize. You probably heard the name but do not know where it comes from.This recipe come from folk wisdom that makes the rice can keep longer. You can serve this dessert with afternoon tea. It can go very well together.

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Cooking time : 40 minutes
For 40 -45 pieces(upon molder size)

1. 200 grams of shredded coconut
2. 250 grams of palm sugar
3. 200 grams of roasted uncooked rice
4. 1/2 cup of jasmine water
1. Mix palm sugar and water together. Boil them with medium heat and sift them for the last. Put them back into the pan again.
2. Boil them and put shredded coconut for this time. Stir them until melted and leave them cool for the last.
3. Put roasted uncooked rice into the pan and cover by white cloth for 30 minutes. They will combined each other.
4.Put mixture into molder or you can mold them like an egg. Smoked them with fragrant candle or you can use flower’s smell such as jasmine or rose too. Better serve this menu with hot tea for any tea times.


For more colorful of this menu , you can choose to use brown rice for this menu too. And do not stir them for long time this will make them too hard.

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Kao -Tu (Sweetened Pounded Rice)

Kao -Tu (Sweetened Pounded Rice) - The charm of Thai food and dessert that indicate unique and fascinating Thai culture. Nowadays this dessert is harder to find. Some people would not recognize. You probably heard the name but do not know where it comes from.This recipe come from folk wisdom that makes the rice can keep longer. You can serve this dessert with afternoon tea. It can go very well together.

Ingredient of Kao -Tu (Sweetened Pounded Rice)

1. 200 grams of shredded coconut
2. 250 grams of palm sugar
3. 200 grams of roasted uncooked rice
4. 1/2 cup of jasmine water

How to Cook Kao -Tu (Sweetened Pounded Rice)

1. Mix palm sugar and water together. Boil them with medium heat and sift them for the last. Put them back into the pan again.
2. Boil them and put shredded coconut for this time. Stir them until melted and leave them cool for the last.
3. Put roasted uncooked rice into the pan and cover by white cloth for 30 minutes. They will combined each other.
4.Put mixture into molder or you can mold them like an egg. Smoked them with fragrant candle or you can use flower’s smell such as jasmine or rose too. Better serve this menu with hot tea for any tea times.

Tips Kao -Tu (Sweetened Pounded Rice)

For more colorful of this menu , you can choose to use brown rice for this menu too. And do not stir them for long time this will make them too hard.

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