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Khao Chae Chao Wang (Rice in Iced Water)

       By: Chef Mai  

Recipe Detail :

Khao Chae Chao Wang (Rice in Iced Water) - Kao Chae is a food of Mon culture which made for Thai New Year ceremony to sacrifice angels. The ancient tradition of Mon people said We should make Khao - Chae offerings to the monks and this will bring good luck to those who offer.

Khao Chae Chao Wang (Rice in Iced Water) - Kao Chae is a food of Mon culture which made for Thai New Year ceremony to sacrifice angels. The ancient tradition of Mon people said We should make Khao-Chae offerings to the monks and this will bring good luck to those who offer.

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1. 1 cup Old rice
2. 1 piece Lime
3. Water

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1. Stir rice with hands in water. Then sift the rice in a colander.
2. Heat to boiling, add rice, squeeze lime and turn off the lid. Wait until the rice crispy outside. Pour on wire rack above a bowl with cool water inside. Soak and scrub rice softly. Then rinse water and steam in a steaming pot. Place white cloth in a steaming pot with 4-5 Pandan leaves in there (optional). Steam until rice cook. Then put in the refrigerator.

Floating Flower Water for Khao-Shae
1. Bake scented candle in a bowl twice until has good smell. Set fire on both sides of scented candle. 
2. Add boiled water in a bowl.
1. Cananga 
2. Jasmine flower

** 1 night for floating Water  / 45 Minutes for Khao-Shae  

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 20

Khao Chae Chao Wang (Rice in Iced Water)

Khao Chae Chao Wang (Rice in Iced Water) - Kao Chae is a food of Mon culture which made for Thai New Year ceremony to sacrifice angels. The ancient tradition of Mon people said We should make Khao-Chae offerings to the monks and this will bring good luck to those who offer.

Ingredient of Khao Chae Chao Wang (Rice in Iced Water)

1. 1 cup Old rice
2. 1 piece Lime
3. Water

How to Cook Khao Chae Chao Wang (Rice in Iced Water)

1. Stir rice with hands in water. Then sift the rice in a colander.
2. Heat to boiling, add rice, squeeze lime and turn off the lid. Wait until the rice crispy outside. Pour on wire rack above a bowl with cool water inside. Soak and scrub rice softly. Then rinse water and steam in a steaming pot. Place white cloth in a steaming pot with 4-5 Pandan leaves in there (optional). Steam until rice cook. Then put in the refrigerator.

Floating Flower Water for Khao-Shae

1. Bake scented candle in a bowl twice until has good smell. Set fire on both sides of scented candle.
2. Add boiled water in a bowl.


1. Cananga
2. Jasmine flower

** 1 night for floating Water / 45 Minutes for Khao-Shae

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