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Shabu-Shabu Salad (Salad Moo Shabu)

       By: Chef Nan  

Recipe Detail :

Shabu - Shabu Salad (Salad Moo Shabu) - Scald pork like shabu - shabu and dip in special salad dressing or even dress them with salad dressing.

Shabu-Shabu Salad (Salad Moo Shabu) - Scald pork like shabu-shabu and dip in special salad dressing or even dress them with salad dressing.

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For 1 person
Cooking time : 15 minutes

1. 100 grams of sliced shabu pork
2. 1 dish of vegetables salad
3. 1 Tbsp. sliced ginger
4. 1 cup of sake
5. 1 cup of stock (serve with Japanese cream salad)
1. Preserved pork with sake and ginger for 5-10 minutes.
2. Prepare cold water and boil stock soup until boiled. After that scald preserved pork and leave them in cold water that already prepared.
3. Serve with cream salad and sesame.

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 13
รายการที่1-12 จาก 13

Shabu-Shabu Salad (Salad Moo Shabu)

Shabu-Shabu Salad (Salad Moo Shabu) - Scald pork like shabu-shabu and dip in special salad dressing or even dress them with salad dressing.

Ingredient of Shabu-Shabu Salad (Salad Moo Shabu)

1. 100 grams of sliced shabu pork
2. 1 dish of vegetables salad
3. 1 Tbsp. sliced ginger
4. 1 cup of sake
5. 1 cup of stock (serve with Japanese cream salad)

How to Cook Shabu-Shabu Salad (Salad Moo Shabu)

1. Preserved pork with sake and ginger for 5-10 minutes.
2. Prepare cold water and boil stock soup until boiled. After that scald preserved pork and leave them in cold water that already prepared.
3. Serve with cream salad and sesame.

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