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Seafood Soup

       By: Chef Pu  

Recipe Detail :

Seafood Soup - Seafood Soup is another easy menu for you if you’re just start cooking. It’s easy and not takes much time to make. You can cook by steaming or using microwave.

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Seafood Soup - Seafood Soup is another easy menu for you if you’re just start cooking. It’s easy and not takes much time to make. You can cook by steaming or using microwave.
For 1 person
Cooking time: 15 minutes

1. 2-3 Squids
2. 1-2 Snapper
3. 1-2 Fried Squid
4. 2-3 Shrimps
5. 1/2 small pack Golden needle mushroom
6. 2 cup Chicken broth
7. 5 Tbsp. XO sauce
8. 2 Tbsp. Chinese wine
9. 1 Tsp. XO liquor 
10. Salt
11. Ground pepper
12. Corn oil

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1. Season with mushroom, shrimp, squid, fish. Season with salt and pepper.
2. Warm the pan, add oil, golden needle mushroom and wait until cook. Set aside.
3. Grill fish in a pan (start with back side). Grill until cook on each side. And set aside.
4. Add shrimp, squid in a pan. Add Chinese wine and set aside.
5. Warm the pot, add XO liquor and then pour soup down, add XO sauce and squid. Remove oil before serving. 
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รายการที่1-12 จาก 13

Seafood Soup

Seafood Soup - Seafood Soup is another easy menu for you if you’re just start cooking. It’s easy and not takes much time to make. You can cook by steaming or using microwave.

Ingredient of Seafood Soup

1. 2-3 Squids
2. 1-2 Snapper
3. 1-2 Fried Squid
4. 2-3 Shrimps
5. 1/2 small pack Golden needle mushroom
6. 2 cup Chicken broth
7. 5 Tbsp. XO sauce
8. 2 Tbsp. Chinese wine
9. 1 Tsp. XO liquor
10. Salt
11. Ground pepper
12. Corn oil

How to Cook Seafood Soup

1. Season with mushroom, shrimp, squid, fish. Season with salt and pepper.
2. Warm the pan, add oil, golden needle mushroom and wait until cook. Set aside.
3. Grill fish in a pan (start with back side). Grill until cook on each side. And set aside.
4. Add shrimp, squid in a pan. Add Chinese wine and set aside.
5. Warm the pot, add XO liquor and then pour soup down, add XO sauce and squid. Remove oil before serving. 

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