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Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake 

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake - Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake is a crepe cake in shape of rose for serving your mom on Mother's Day. It is delicious and very chic with few ingredients.

Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake - Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake is a crepe cake in shape of rose for serving your mom on Mother's Day. It is delicious and very chic with few ingredients.

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For 1 piece
Cooking time: 1 hour

1. 30 grams Salted butter
2. 180 ml. Fresh milk
3. 50 ml. Nam Whan
4. 3 Eggs
5. 80 grams All purpose flour
6. 200 ml. Whipping cream

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1. Boil salted butter and fresh milk until boiling.
2. Remove from the stove.
3. Add egg and mix by a whisk until well combined.
4. Gradually add all purpose flour and mix until smooth.
5. Add red and green syrup.
6. Heat the pan over low heat and spread butter.
7. Add crape dough in a pan.
8. Roll crepe dough around the pan.
9. When the dough is cooked, set aside on pastry paper.
10. Do it again until you get the crape sheet.
11. Cut pink crape and mold like a rose.
12. Do as same until enough for decorate full of dish.
13. Spread cream on the dish.
14. Decorate with rose on cream beautifully.
15. Cut green crape like a leaf.
16. Add rose around the cake.
17. You can put a card in the cake or sprinkle with crystallized sugar in your own style.
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Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake

Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake - Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake is a crepe cake in shape of rose for serving your mom on Mothers Day. It is delicious and very chic with few ingredients.

Ingredient of Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake

1. 30 grams Salted butter
2. 180 ml. Fresh milk
3. 50 ml. Nam Whan
4. 3 Eggs
5. 80 grams All purpose flour
6. 200 ml. Whipping cream

How to Cook Rose Crape Cake - Mother Day Cake

1. Boil salted butter and fresh milk until boiling.
2. Remove from the stove.
3. Add egg and mix by a whisk until well combined.
4. Gradually add all purpose flour and mix until smooth.
5. Add red and green syrup.
6. Heat the pan over low heat and spread butter.
7. Add crape dough in a pan.
8. Roll crepe dough around the pan.
9. When the dough is cooked, set aside on pastry paper.
10. Do it again until you get the crape sheet.
11. Cut pink crape and mold like a rose.
12. Do as same until enough for decorate full of dish.
13. Spread cream on the dish.
14. Decorate with rose on cream beautifully.
15. Cut green crape like a leaf.
16. Add rose around the cake.
17. You can put a card in the cake or sprinkle with crystallized sugar in your own style.
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