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Fruit Basket Cake - Mother Day Cake (Cake Ta Kra Pon La Mai)

       By: Chef Jadee  

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Fruit Basket Cake - Mother Day Cake (Cake Ta Kra Pon La Mai) - Mother's Day Cake - Today we make a fruit basket cake that decorate the top with fresh fruit as special gift to mom. Try this lovely delicious fruit basket cake!

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Fruit Basket Cake - Mother Day Cake (Cake Ta Kra Pon La Mai) - Mother's Day Cake - Today we make a fruit basket cake that decorate the top with fresh fruit as special gift to mom. Try this lovely delicious fruit basket cake!

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For 1.5 pond
Cooking time: 1.30 hours

1. 1 Green tea cake
2. 400 grams whipping cream
3. 50 grams Cocoa powder
4. Fruit
1. Cut cake into layers. Then slide cake and set aside.
2. Mix cream with cocoa powder.
3. Beat until creamy and smooth.
4. Squeeze cream onto cake layer.
5. Spread cream with spatula until smooth.  And place with another cake layer.
6. Squeeze cream cover cake and spread to smooth.
7. Put cream in a piping bag and use wavy piping tip squeeze like basket.
8. Squeeze like basket entire a piece of cake. 
9. Decorate on top with fruit.
10. Decorate with real basket handle or use gum paste.
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Fruit Basket Cake - Mother Day Cake (Cake Ta Kra Pon La Mai)

Fruit Basket Cake - Mother Day Cake (Cake Ta Kra Pon La Mai) - Mothers Day Cake - Today we make a fruit basket cake that decorate the top with fresh fruit as special gift to mom. Try this lovely delicious fruit basket cake!

Ingredient of Fruit Basket Cake - Mother Day Cake (Cake Ta Kra Pon La Mai)

1. 1 Green tea cake
2. 400 grams whipping cream
3. 50 grams Cocoa powder
4. Fruit

How to Cook Fruit Basket Cake - Mother Day Cake (Cake Ta Kra Pon La Mai)

1. Cut cake into layers. Then slide cake and set aside.
2. Mix cream with cocoa powder.
3. Beat until creamy and smooth.
4. Squeeze cream onto cake layer.
5. Spread cream with spatula until smooth. And place with another cake layer.
6. Squeeze cream cover cake and spread to smooth.
7. Put cream in a piping bag and use wavy piping tip squeeze like basket.
8. Squeeze like basket entire a piece of cake.
9. Decorate on top with fruit.
10. Decorate with real basket handle or use gum paste.
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