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Cream Cheese 

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Cream Cheese - We added egg yolk for this cream cheese recipe. The procedure is a bit complicated than basic cream cheese recipe.

Cream Cheese - We added egg yolk for this cream cheese recipe. The procedure is a bit complicated than basic cream cheese recipe.
For 600 grams
Cooking time: 20 minutes

1. 350 grams Cream cheese
2. 100 grams Salted butter
3. 120 grams Sugar
4. 100 ml. Water
5. 3 Salted egg
6. 3 pieces Gelatin
7. 2 Tsp. Lime juice

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1. Boil water with sugar until boiling.
2. Slowly pour egg yolks and stir with a whisk.
3. Filter through a sieve.
4. Put the gelatin in the water until soft. Set aside to cool.
5. Beat cream cheese with medium speed until smooth (about 2 minutes).
6. Put butter (room temperature) and beat until well combined.
7. Put lemonade and beat until well combined.
8. Put egg yolk.
9. Beat until smooth and creamy.
10. Decorate dessert and put cream cheese about 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

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Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese - We added egg yolk for this cream cheese recipe. The procedure is a bit complicated than basic cream cheese recipe.

Ingredient of Cream Cheese

1. 350 grams Cream cheese
2. 100 grams Salted butter
3. 120 grams Sugar
4. 100 ml. Water
5. 3 Salted egg
6. 3 pieces Gelatin
7. 2 Tsp. Lime juice

How to Cook Cream Cheese

1. Boil water with sugar until boiling.
2. Slowly pour egg yolks and stir with a whisk.
3. Filter through a sieve.
4. Put the gelatin in the water until soft. Set aside to cool.
5. Beat cream cheese with medium speed until smooth (about 2 minutes).
6. Put butter (room temperature) and beat until well combined.
7. Put lemonade and beat until well combined.
8. Put egg yolk.
9. Beat until smooth and creamy.
10. Decorate dessert and put cream cheese about 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

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