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Iron Man Cake

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Iron Man Cake - Iron Man Cake is easy to make and prepare. You can make this Iron Man cake for special friend!

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Iron Man Cake - Iron Man Cake is easy to make and prepare. You can make this Iron Man cake for special friend!

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For 1 1/2 pounds
Cooking time 1 hour (not including baking cake)

1. Strawberry jam
2. 500 grams Whipping Cream 
3. Chocolate cake recipe
4. Gum paste 
5. Jelly 
6. Food coloring as desired.

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1. Make a hole in the middle of 2 pieces of dessert. (Not through the bottom)
2. Put the pieces that are not placed through at the bottom. And place with other piece on the top.
3. Slice piece of cake as the shape you want.
4. Squeeze the cream at the bottom before putting the cake. Then squeeze the cream and cover with another layer of cake.
5. Then put the jam and jelly. 
6. Squeeze cream all around the cake.
7. Mix food coloring and mold gum paste (legs, eyes and mouth).
8. Decorate iron man cake as you decide.

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12
รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Iron Man Cake

Iron Man Cake - Iron Man Cake is easy to make and prepare. You can make this Iron Man cake for special friend!

Ingredient of Iron Man Cake

1. Strawberry jam
2. 500 grams Whipping Cream
3. Chocolate cake recipe
4. Gum paste
5. Jelly
6. Food coloring as desired.

How to Cook Iron Man Cake

1. Make a hole in the middle of 2 pieces of dessert. (Not through the bottom)
2. Put the pieces that are not placed through at the bottom. And place with other piece on the top.
3. Slice piece of cake as the shape you want.
4. Squeeze the cream at the bottom before putting the cake. Then squeeze the cream and cover with another layer of cake.
5. Then put the jam and jelly.
6. Squeeze cream all around the cake.
7. Mix food coloring and mold gum paste (legs, eyes and mouth).
8. Decorate iron man cake as you decide.
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