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Curry Tonkatsu Risotto (Risotto Gang Ga Rhee Yee Pun Tonkatsu)

       By: Chef Pong  

Recipe Detail :

Curry Tonkatsu Risotto (Risotto Gang Ga Rhee Yee Pun Tonkatsu) - This recipe is Italy and Japan hybrid. But the taste is still be Thai taste and still familiar with Thai people. Believe that you can enjoy making Curry Tonkatsu Risotto in every kitchen.

Curry Tonkatsu Risotto (Risotto Gang Ga Rhee Yee Pun Tonkatsu) - This recipe is Italy and Japan hybrid. But the taste is still be Thai taste and still familiar with Thai people. Believe that you can enjoy making Curry Tonkatsu Risotto in every kitchen.
1. Risotto rice
2. Stock 300 ml.
3. Japanese curry. (You can view from the menu “Japanese Curry with Fried Shrimp”)
4. 1/2 Onion (chopped) 
5. A Piece of Pork Shoulder Steak
6. Flour, Egg, Breadcrumb (for coating fried)

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1. Fry onion with a low heat. Stir until soft and fragrant. Then, fry Risotto Rice. Make sure that the rice grains are coated with oil. It will be shiny and fragrant.
2. Pour stock one ladle.  Stir until almost water is absorbed to the rice. Then pour one more ladle stock. Do like this until the rice is cook and feel a little bit crunchy inside.
3. Pour Japanese curry to a pan. Stir with rice until well mixed and you can feel the Japanese curry smell.
4. Prepare pork by season with salt, pepper. Then mix with flour, egg and breadcrumb. Fry in hot oil until it change to golden brown.
5. Put Risotto into dish. Dresses with the rest of Japanese curry soup. Then slice Tonkatsu place on the top. Ready to eat.


The oil should be hot enough at 180 degrees.
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Curry Tonkatsu Risotto (Risotto Gang Ga Rhee Yee Pun Tonkatsu)

Curry Tonkatsu Risotto (Risotto Gang Ga Rhee Yee Pun Tonkatsu) - This recipe is Italy and Japan hybrid. But the taste is still be Thai taste and still familiar with Thai people. Believe that you can enjoy making Curry Tonkatsu Risotto in every kitchen.

Ingredient of Curry Tonkatsu Risotto (Risotto Gang Ga Rhee Yee Pun Tonkatsu)
1. Risotto rice
2. Stock 300 ml.
3. Japanese curry. (You can view from the menu “Japanese Curry with Fried Shrimp”)
4. 1/2 Onion (chopped)
5. A Piece of Pork Shoulder Steak
6. Flour, Egg, Breadcrumb (for coating fried)

How to Cook Curry Tonkatsu Risotto (Risotto Gang Ga Rhee Yee Pun Tonkatsu)

1. Fry onion with a low heat. Stir until soft and fragrant. Then, fry Risotto Rice. Make sure that the rice grains are coated with oil. It will be shiny and fragrant.
2. Pour stock one ladle. Stir until almost water is absorbed to the rice. Then pour one more ladle stock. Do like this until the rice is cook and feel a little bit crunchy inside.
3. Pour Japanese curry to a pan. Stir with rice until well mixed and you can feel the Japanese curry smell.
4. Prepare pork by season with salt, pepper. Then mix with flour, egg and breadcrumb. Fry in hot oil until it change to golden brown.
5. Put Risotto into dish. Dresses with the rest of Japanese curry soup. Then slice Tonkatsu place on the top. Ready to eat.

Tips Curry Tonkatsu Risotto (Risotto Gang Ga Rhee Yee Pun Tonkatsu)
The oil should be hot enough at 180 degrees.

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