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Steamed Duck

       By: Chef Pu  

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Steamed Duck - Stewed Cherry duck with spices and vegetables. We braised until tender! Ideal for a family to enjoy a special day. And we have more 4 delicious duck menus for you to enjoy in the next recipe!

Steamed Duck - Stewed Cherry duck with spices and vegetables. We braised until tender! Ideal for a family to enjoy a special day. And we have more 4 delicious duck menus for you to enjoy in the next recipe!

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For 1 Ducks
Cooking Time : 1 hour 30 minutes

1. 2.5 kg. Cherry duck 
2. 50 grams Ginger 
3. 50 grams Ginger
4. 30 grams Coriander
5. 60 grams Celery
6. 1 Red Onion
7. 1 Onion
8. 10 Chinese garlics

1. 1/2 cup of Sugar
2. 1 cup Seasoning sauce
3. 1 cup Soy sauce
4. 1 cup Oyster sauce
5. 1/2 cup Chinese wine
6. 1 Tbsp. Black pepper 
7. 5 Star anise flowers
8. 3 Cinnamon sticks
9. 5 grams Pa-Lo Powder

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1.  Cut duck fat and pierce at duck neck to allow air and water flow into the duck.
2. Add duck and water into the pot over medium heat. Then add sauce.
3. Fry vegetable, Chinese wine and fry until dry out. Pour into the pot.
4. Wait water until boiling. Turn to low heat. Add black pepper, cinnamon, Chinese anise, Pa-Lo powder.Stew duck for about 1 hour. Turn off the heat. Wait for about 30-40 minutes.
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Steamed Duck

Steamed Duck - Stewed Cherry duck with spices and vegetables. We braised until tender! Ideal for a family to enjoy a special day. And we have more 4 delicious duck menus for you to enjoy in the next recipe!

Ingredient of Steamed Duck

1. 2.5 kg. Cherry duck
2. 50 grams Ginger
3. 50 grams Ginger
4. 30 grams Coriander
5. 60 grams Celery
6. 1 Red Onion
7. 1 Onion
8. 10 Chinese garlics

1. 1/2 cup of Sugar
2. 1 cup Seasoning sauce
3. 1 cup Soy sauce
4. 1 cup Oyster sauce
5. 1/2 cup Chinese wine
6. 1 Tbsp. Black pepper
7. 5 Star anise flowers
8. 3 Cinnamon sticks
9. 5 grams Pa-Lo Powder

How to Cook Steamed Duck

1. Cut duck fat and pierce at duck neck to allow air and water flow into the duck.
2. Add duck and water into the pot over medium heat. Then add sauce.
3. Fry vegetable, Chinese wine and fry until dry out. Pour into the pot.
4. Wait water until boiling. Turn to low heat. Add black pepper, cinnamon, Chinese anise, Pa-Lo powder.Stew duck for about 1 hour. Turn off the heat. Wait for about 30-40 minutes.
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