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Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp (Por Piea Vietnam Goong)

       By: Chef Ti  

Recipe Detail :

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp (Por Piea Vietnam Goong) - There are many different of Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll recipes. With easy ingredients that not difficult to prepare. Let’s try this simple spring roll. And serve with dipping sauce.

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Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp (Por Piea Vietnam Goong) - There are many different of Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll recipes. With easy ingredients that not difficult to prepare. Let’s try this simple spring roll. And serve with dipping sauce.

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Serve. 2 person
Cooking time: 15 minutes

1. 5-7 sheets Vietnamese spring roll
2. 12 Blanched shrimp
3. 12 Cauliflower
4/ 2 cups Vegetable (Basil , Mint. Coriander, Spring onion, Vietnamese coriander)
5. 1/2 cup Blanched noodle
6. 12 Boiled streaky porks
7. Chinese chive
8. 2 Tbsp. Hoisin Sauce
9. 1 Tsp. Garlic
10. 2 Tbsp. Peanut butter
11. 1/2 Tsp. Sugar
12. 1 Tbsp. Crushed bean
13. 2 Tsp. Vinegar
14. 1 Tbsp. Goat pepper (pounded)

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1. Sauce – Fry garlic with oil just a little in the pan. Add Hoisin sauce, peanut butter, sugar, 1-2 tbsp. water and stir until dissolve. Taste and set in the sauce. Pound goat pepper and mix with vinegar.  Add on the sauce and sprinkle with grounded peanut.
2. Wrapping – Put spring roll in the water quickly. Then add filling in the middle. Add cauliflower, boiled streaky pork, noodle. Roll it, add blanched shrimp and Chinese Chive. Wrap tightly or you can trim like making sushi as well. 

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Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp (Por Piea Vietnam Goong)

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp (Por Piea Vietnam Goong) - There are many different of Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll recipes. With easy ingredients that not difficult to prepare. Let’s try this simple spring roll. And serve with dipping sauce.

Ingredient of Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp (Por Piea Vietnam Goong)

1. 5-7 sheets Vietnamese spring roll
2. 12 Blanched shrimp
3. 12 Cauliflower
4/ 2 cups Vegetable (Basil , Mint. Coriander, Spring onion, Vietnamese coriander)
5. 1/2 cup Blanched noodle
6. 12 Boiled streaky porks
7. Chinese chive
8. 2 Tbsp. Hoisin Sauce
9. 1 Tsp. Garlic
10. 2 Tbsp. Peanut butter
11. 1/2 Tsp. Sugar
12. 1 Tbsp. Crushed bean
13. 2 Tsp. Vinegar
14. 1 Tbsp. Goat pepper (pounded)

How to Cook Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp (Por Piea Vietnam Goong)

1. Sauce – Fry garlic with oil just a little in the pan. Add Hoisin sauce, peanut butter, sugar, 1-2 tbsp. water and stir until dissolve. Taste and set in the sauce. Pound goat pepper and mix with vinegar. Add on the sauce and sprinkle with grounded peanut.
2. Wrapping – Put spring roll in the water quickly. Then add filling in the middle. Add cauliflower, boiled streaky pork, noodle. Roll it, add blanched shrimp and Chinese Chive. Wrap tightly or you can trim like making sushi as well. 
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