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Roasted Bacon Ice Cream

       By: Chef Oa  

Recipe Detail :

Roasted Bacon Ice Cream - A new delicious ice cream flavor that can make you surprised! as well as ‘Japanese eel flavor Ice Cream’, ‘Black Ink Squid Ice Cream’. So don’t give up creating new ice cream flavor Thai people!

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Roasted Bacon Ice Cream - A new delicious ice cream flavor that can make you surprised! as well as ‘Japanese eel flavor Ice Cream’, ‘Black Ink Squid Ice Cream’. So don’t give up creating new ice cream flavor Thai people!
Serve: 10 scoops 
Cooking time: 6-8 hours

1. 625 ml. Fresh milk
2. 125 ml. Cream
3. 1 Egg
4. 1/4 cups of Sugar
5. 1/2 cups of Brown sugar
6. 3 Tbsp. Glucose
7. Salt
8. 1/2 Tsp. Vanilla extract
9. 5 pieces Bacon
10. 2 Tbsp. Brown sugar (for mixing with Bacon)
1. Paint brown sugar (2 tbsp.) and bake at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes until bacon cook and crispy.
2. Cut bacon into small piece (1x1 cm.) and set in the refrigerator.
(If you like the taste of bacon, keep 1 tablespoon oil for mixing together with egg after baking.)
3. Mix 1/2 milk with  cream and vanilla extract together in a mixing bowl. Prepare a colander.

4. Mix egg, sugar, brown sugar, glucose and salt together. Beat until sugar dissolve  well, smooth and fluffy.
5. Mix remaining milk with the egg over low heat and wait until the mixture hot and slightly thicken. Or use the thermometer measured 82 degrees for 2 minutes (you can add bacon oil and stir well together).
6. Filter milk mixture with the egg and stir to combine. Cover and freeze. Then stir the mixture every 1 hour until the mixture hard and thicken. Then add sliced bacon slices over ice cream.
7. Freeze until firm and smooth.
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Roasted Bacon Ice Cream

Roasted Bacon Ice Cream - A new delicious ice cream flavor that can make you surprised! as well as ‘Japanese eel flavor Ice Cream’, ‘Black Ink Squid Ice Cream’. So don’t give up creating new ice cream flavor Thai people!

Ingredient of Roasted Bacon Ice Cream

1. 625 ml. Fresh milk
2. 125 ml. Cream
3. 1 Egg
4. 1/4 cups of Sugar
5. 1/2 cups of Brown sugar
6. 3 Tbsp. Glucose
7. Salt
8. 1/2 Tsp. Vanilla extract
9. 5 pieces Bacon
10. 2 Tbsp. Brown sugar (for mixing with Bacon)

How to Cook Roasted Bacon Ice Cream

1. Paint brown sugar (2 tbsp.) and bake at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes until bacon cook and crispy.
2. Cut bacon into small piece (1x1 cm.) and set in the refrigerator.
(If you like the taste of bacon, keep 1 tablespoon oil for mixing together with egg after baking.)
3. Mix 1/2 milk with cream and vanilla extract together in a mixing bowl. Prepare a colander.
4. Mix egg, sugar, brown sugar, glucose and salt together. Beat until sugar dissolve well, smooth and fluffy.
5. Mix remaining milk with the egg over low heat and wait until the mixture hot and slightly thicken. Or use the thermometer measured 82 degrees for 2 minutes (you can add bacon oil and stir well together).
6. Filter milk mixture with the egg and stir to combine. Cover and freeze. Then stir the mixture every 1 hour until the mixture hard and thicken. Then add sliced bacon slices over ice cream.
7. Freeze until firm and smooth.
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