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Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave (Miang Seafood)

       By: Chef Mai  

Recipe Detail :

Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave (Miang Seafood) - Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave is a delicious seafood noodle recipe. Another healthy recipe for those who like to eat spicy food. Try to serve this healthy dish, ‘Miang Seafood’ at home instead of basic dish in the morning.

Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave (Miang Seafood) - Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave is a delicious seafood noodle recipe. Another healthy recipe for those who like to eat spicy food. Try to serve this healthy dish, ‘Miang Seafood’ at home instead of basic dish in the morning.

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Serve: 3-4 person
Cooking time: 40 minutes

1. 200 grams Steamed rice noodle
2. 50 grams Crab meat
3. 50 grams Shrimp
4. 50 grams Squid
5. 20 grams Fried garlic
6. 30 grams Garlic oil
7. 45 grams Fish sauce
8. 45 grams Lime juice
9. 20 grams Sugar
10. 15 grams Chopped bird chili
11. 2 Coriander roots
12. Mint leaves
13. Mint stalk
14. Red goat pepper
15. Vegetable such as Cha-Plu leaves

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1. Heat the water over medium heat. Then blanch noodle in boiling water and mix with garlic oil. Sprinkle with fried garlic and set aside.
2. Heat the pot and steam seafood in a steaming pot. Add coriander root and set aside.
3. Prepare mixing bowl, add fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and mix together until dissolve. Mix mint leave, chili and garlic for dressing on noodle. 
4. Serve- Roll Miang leave. Then add rice noodle, seafood and sauce. Sprinkle with red goat pepper and mint leave.
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Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave (Miang Seafood)

Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave (Miang Seafood) - Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave is a delicious seafood noodle recipe. Another healthy recipe for those who like to eat spicy food. Try to serve this healthy dish, ‘Miang Seafood’ at home instead of basic dish in the morning.

Ingredient of Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave (Miang Seafood)

1. 200 grams Steamed rice noodle
2. 50 grams Crab meat
3. 50 grams Shrimp
4. 50 grams Squid
5. 20 grams Fried garlic
6. 30 grams Garlic oil
7. 45 grams Fish sauce
8. 45 grams Lime juice
9. 20 grams Sugar
10. 15 grams Chopped bird chili
11. 2 Coriander roots
12. Mint leaves
13. Mint stalk
14. Red goat pepper
15. Vegetable such as Cha-Plu leaves

How to Cook Rice Noodle and Seafood Wrapped in Betel Leave (Miang Seafood)

1. Heat the water over medium heat. Then blanch noodle in boiling water and mix with garlic oil. Sprinkle with fried garlic and set aside.
2. Heat the pot and steam seafood in a steaming pot. Add coriander root and set aside.
3. Prepare mixing bowl, add fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and mix together until dissolve. Mix mint leave, chili and garlic for dressing on noodle.
4. Serve- Roll Miang leave. Then add rice noodle, seafood and sauce. Sprinkle with red goat pepper and mint leave.
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