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Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle (Mee Grob Srong Kreung)

       By: Chef Mai  

Recipe Detail :

Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle (Mee Grob Srong Kreung) - Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle is a contemporary recipe that has existed since ancient times. With a combination of various ingredient. This dish is popular until nowadays. Sour orange is the main ingredient of this menu that smells like kaffir lime. Today we bring to cook with crispy noodle for even more fragrant.

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Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle (Mee Grob Srong Kreung) - Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle is a contemporary recipe that has existed since ancient times. With a combination of various ingredient. This dish is popular until nowadays. Sour orange is the main ingredient of this menu that smells like kaffir lime. Today we bring to cook with crispy noodle for even more fragrant.
Serve : 4-5 person
Cooking time:  60 minutes

1. 400 grams Dried noodle
2. 50 grams Diced pork
3. 1/2 cup of Tomato sauce
4. 30 grams Fish sauce
5. 30 grams Lime juice
6. 20 grams Tamarind juice
7. 1/2 cup of Sugar
8. 20 grams Sugar
9. 10 grams Sour orange
10. 30 grams Chopped shallot
11. 15 grams Chopped garlic
12.  5 grams Sour orange skin
13. 30 grams White salted soya bean 
14. 3 Duck eggs
15. 2 Pickled garlics
16. 1 Red goat pepper
17. 1 Coriander
18. Vegetable oil
19. Garlic chives and bean sprout

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1. Heat the pan. Add oil for frying noodle (half of pan) over medium to high heat. Then fry noodle until golden crispy. Drain oil.
2. Fry tofu until crispy. Then put duck egg and beat together. Sprinkle over  the oil for making shredded egg and set aside.
3. Stir the pork until cook and dried. Set in the mixture.
4. Heat the pan. Add oil just a little, fry garlic, shallot, salt soya bean, sugar, fish sauce, tomato sauce, lime juice, tamarind juice, sour orange juice and  taste. Fry until dry out.
5. Fry noodle over low heat. Add pork, fried tofu and sour orange skin.
6. Serving – Sprinkle with shredded egg, pickled garlic, coriander and red goat pepper. 

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Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle (Mee Grob Srong Kreung)

Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle (Mee Grob Srong Kreung) - Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle is a contemporary recipe that has existed since ancient times. With a combination of various ingredient. This dish is popular until nowadays. Sour orange is the main ingredient of this menu that smells like kaffir lime. Today we bring to cook with crispy noodle for even more fragrant.

Ingredient of Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle (Mee Grob Srong Kreung)

1. 400 grams Dried noodle
2. 50 grams Diced pork
3. 1/2 cup of Tomato sauce
4. 30 grams Fish sauce
5. 30 grams Lime juice
6. 20 grams Tamarind juice
7. 1/2 cup of Sugar
8. 20 grams Sugar
9. 10 grams Sour orange
10. 30 grams Chopped shallot
11. 15 grams Chopped garlic
12. 5 grams Sour orange skin
13. 30 grams White salted soya bean
14. 3 Duck eggs
15. 2 Pickled garlics
16. 1 Red goat pepper
17. 1 Coriander
18. Vegetable oil
19. Garlic chives and bean sprout

How to Cook Mixed Crispy Rice Noodle (Mee Grob Srong Kreung)

1. Heat the pan. Add oil for frying noodle (half of pan) over medium to high heat. Then fry noodle until golden crispy. Drain oil.
2. Fry tofu until crispy. Then put duck egg and beat together. Sprinkle over the oil for making shredded egg and set aside.
3. Stir the pork until cook and dried. Set in the mixture.
4. Heat the pan. Add oil just a little, fry garlic, shallot, salt soya bean, sugar, fish sauce, tomato sauce, lime juice, tamarind juice, sour orange juice and taste. Fry until dry out.
5. Fry noodle over low heat. Add pork, fried tofu and sour orange skin.
6. Serving – Sprinkle with shredded egg, pickled garlic, coriander and red goat pepper. 
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