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Sesame Flour Dumpling Stuffed with Shredded Coconut - Kanom Dag Nga (Thai Traditional Dessert) 

       By: Chef Mai  

Recipe Detail :

Sesame Flour Dumpling Stuffed with Shredded Coconut - Kanom Dag Nga (Thai Traditional Dessert) - Another delicious Thai dessert that made from glutinous rice flour. For this recipe, we adapted the ingredients for easier to prepare and find nowadays. Taste is even more delicious and it’s not difficult for you to serve at all.

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Sesame Flour Dumpling Stuffed with Shredded Coconut - Kanom Dag Nga (Thai Traditional Dessert) - Another delicious Thai dessert that made from glutinous rice flour. For this recipe, we adapted the ingredients for easier to prepare and find nowadays. Taste is even more delicious and it’s not difficult for you to serve at all.
Serve : 2-3 person
Cooking time: 50 minutes

1. 150 grams White Glutinous rice
2. Water or Jasmine water 

1. 150 grams Shredded coconut
2. 60 grams Jasmine water
3. 150 grams Palm sugar
4. 45 grams Grounded peanut

Mixed ingredient
1. 60 grams Black sesame
2. 60 grams White sesame
3. 10 grams Grounded salt

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1. Heat the pan. Add palm sugar and jasmine water in a brass pan over medium heat. Stir until thick. Add coconut and stir again, add grounded peanut and leave to cool. Mold into oval (1/2 inches), press to flatten and set aside. 
2. Prepare mixing bowl, add water and knead until smooth. Mold into a ball and spread roundly. Add the filling, then wrap and steamed over high heat with a white cloth or banana leaves for about 10-15 minutes until the dough is cooked.
3. Mix sesame with grounded salt. Then mix thoroughly with dessert. Ready to serve. 

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Sesame Flour Dumpling Stuffed with Shredded Coconut - Kanom Dag Nga (Thai Traditional Dessert) 

Sesame Flour Dumpling Stuffed with Shredded Coconut - Kanom Dag Nga (Thai Traditional Dessert) - Another delicious Thai dessert that made from glutinous rice flour. For this recipe, we adapted the ingredients for easier to prepare and find nowadays. Taste is even more delicious and it’s not difficult for you to serve at all.

Ingredient of Sesame Flour Dumpling Stuffed with Shredded Coconut - Kanom Dag Nga (Thai Traditional Dessert) 

1. 150 grams White Glutinous rice
2. Water or Jasmine water

1. 150 grams Shredded coconut
2. 60 grams Jasmine water
3. 150 grams Palm sugar
4. 45 grams Grounded peanut

Mixed ingredient

1. 60 grams Black sesame
2. 60 grams White sesame
3. 10 grams Grounded salt

How to Cook Sesame Flour Dumpling Stuffed with Shredded Coconut - Kanom Dag Nga (Thai Traditional Dessert) 

1. Heat the pan. Add palm sugar and jasmine water in a brass pan over medium heat. Stir until thick. Add coconut and stir again, add grounded peanut and leave to cool. Mold into oval (1/2 inches), press to flatten and set aside.
2. Prepare mixing bowl, add water and knead until smooth. Mold into a ball and spread roundly. Add the filling, then wrap and steamed over high heat with a white cloth or banana leaves for about 10-15 minutes until the dough is cooked.
3. Mix sesame with grounded salt. Then mix thoroughly with dessert. Ready to serve. 

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