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Mono Abiko

       By: Chef Lek  

Recipe Detail :

Mono Abiko - Mono Abiko is a Popular  Japanese menu that very delicious, easy to cook and find ingredients. You can fill them inside with any taste that you would love.

Mono Abiko - Mono Abiko is a Popular  Japanese menu that very delicious, easy to cook and find ingredients. You can fill them inside with any taste that you would love.
1. 1 Cup Sushi Rice 
2. 1/2 Cup Shrimp Eggs
3. 2 Bars Crab Stick
4. Sweet Egg Rolls 
5. 1 Ball Sukini 
6. 1 Sheet Large Seaweed
1. Cut Sukini in a long bar.
2. Put rice on a rolling mat. Spread rice evenly all over and have the same size with a sheet of seaweed.
3. Place the seaweed on rice, follow with sweet egg, crab, stick and sukini. 
4. Wrap and roll the mat tightly. During rolling you have to press rice tightly too. 
5. Cut out the left over on head-bottom of rice. And cut rice into pieces.
6. Mix rice with shrimp eggs thoroughly. Serve with Shoyu and wasabi. You’re sone and ready to eat.
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รายการที่1-4 จาก 4

Mono Abiko

Mono Abiko - Mono Abiko is a Popular Japanese menu that very delicious, easy to cook and find ingredients. You can fill them inside with any taste that you would love.

Ingredient of Mono Abiko

1. 1 Cup Sushi Rice
2. 1/2 Cup Shrimp Eggs
3. 2 Bars Crab Stick
4. Sweet Egg Rolls
5. 1 Ball Sukini
6. 1 Sheet Large Seaweed

How to Cook Mono Abiko

1. Cut Sukini in a long bar.
2. Put rice on a rolling mat. Spread rice evenly all over and have the same size with a sheet of seaweed.
3. Place the seaweed on rice, follow with sweet egg, crab, stick and sukini.
4. Wrap and roll the mat tightly. During rolling you have to press rice tightly too.
5. Cut out the left over on head-bottom of rice. And cut rice into pieces.
6. Mix rice with shrimp eggs thoroughly. Serve with Shoyu and wasabi. You’re sone and ready to eat.

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