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Sweet Cane Shrimp

       By: Chef Lek  

Recipe Detail :

Sweet Cane Shrimp - Many people are familiar with this menu it. Season and mixed fresh shrimp, then wrap with sugar cane and fry until golden brown.

Sweet Cane Shrimp - Many people are familiar with this menu it. Season and mixed fresh shrimp, then wrap with sugar cane and fry until golden brown.
1. 200 grams Shrimp Meat
2. 5 Tbsp. Tapioca Flour
3. 1/2 Tbsp. Cayenne Pepper
4. Oyster Sauce
5. 1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
6. 1 White Egg
7. 1 Tsp. Granulated Sugar
8. 1 Piece Sugar Cane split across 4 pieces
9. 1 Tbsp. Spring Onion
10. 1 Tbsp. Carrots finely chopped
11. 1 Liter of Oil

1. 1 Tbsp. Carrots scrape in a long line 
2. 1 Tbsp. Radish scrape in a long line
3. 1 Tbsp. Ground Dried Chillies
4. 5 Tbsp. Sweet Chilli Sauce
5. 1 Tbsp. Vinegar
6. 1 Tbsp. Granulated Sugar
7. 5 Tbsp. Boiled Water

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1. Mix fresh shrimp, tapioca flour, pepper, oyster sauce, soy sauce, white egg, sugar and knead well together for 10 minutes. Then add carrot and spring onion to mix well together. Stay in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
2. Mix chicken sauce, sugar and boiled water and vinegar in the bowl. Put into microwave for 30 minutes, then leave it cool. Add carrots, radish and peanuts down.
3. After 30 minutes, tap water at your hand then mold shrimp wraps the sugar cane. Then steam in boiling water for 15 minutes and set aside to dry.
4. Heat the oil then fry shrimp with sugar cane until crispy. Drain dry and serve with sauce.
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รายการที่1-4 จาก 4

Sweet Cane Shrimp

Sweet Cane Shrimp - Many people are familiar with this menu it. Season and mixed fresh shrimp, then wrap with sugar cane and fry until golden brown.

Ingredient of Sweet Cane Shrimp

1. 200 grams Shrimp Meat
2. 5 Tbsp. Tapioca Flour
3. 1/2 Tbsp. Cayenne Pepper
4. Oyster Sauce
5. 1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
6. 1 White Egg
7. 1 Tsp. Granulated Sugar
8. 1 Piece Sugar Cane split across 4 pieces
9. 1 Tbsp. Spring Onion
10. 1 Tbsp. Carrots finely chopped
11. 1 Liter of Oil

1. 1 Tbsp. Carrots scrape in a long line
2. 1 Tbsp. Radish scrape in a long line
3. 1 Tbsp. Ground Dried Chillies
4. 5 Tbsp. Sweet Chilli Sauce
5. 1 Tbsp. Vinegar
6. 1 Tbsp. Granulated Sugar
7. 5 Tbsp. Boiled Water

How to Cook Sweet Cane Shrimp

1. Mix fresh shrimp, tapioca flour, pepper, oyster sauce, soy sauce, white egg, sugar and knead well together for 10 minutes. Then add carrot and spring onion to mix well together. Stay in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
2. Mix chicken sauce, sugar and boiled water and vinegar in the bowl. Put into microwave for 30 minutes, then leave it cool. Add carrots, radish and peanuts down.
3. After 30 minutes, tap water at your hand then mold shrimp wraps the sugar cane. Then steam in boiling water for 15 minutes and set aside to dry.
4. Heat the oil then fry shrimp with sugar cane until crispy. Drain dry and serve with sauce.
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