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Baechu Kimchi

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Baechu Kimchi - This will be Korea's most popular and probably be the best known of the Thai people. Today we will show you how to make real Korean kimchi by Korean people to all of member. With various ingredients that you can find in Thailand. If you want to try making Kimchi by your own at home, you shouldn’t miss this clip at all.

Baechu Kimchi - This will be Korea's most popular and probably be the best known of the Thai people. Today we will show you how to make real Korean kimchi by Korean people to all of member. With various ingredients that you can find in Thailand. If you want to try making Kimchi by your own at home, you shouldn’t miss this clip at all.

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1. 2 Heads Cabbage 
2. 50 grams Korean Chillies
3. 70 grams Goat Pepper
4. 50 grams Opossum Shrimp small shrimp soaked in salt water
5. 60 grams Fresh Spinned Shrimp
6. 250 grams Radish cut into lengths
7. 80 grams Onion cut into lengths
8. 30 grams Sugar
9. 9 50 grams Blended Onions
10. 70 grams Blended Garlic
11. 110 grams Glutinous Rice Mixed with Boiled Water
12. 10 grams Blended Ginger
13. 70 grams Blended Apples
14. 50 grams Korean Fish Sauce
15. Salt
The Process of Soaking Vegetable 

1. Rinse the cabbage by remove the outer lose leaves. Cut cabbage into 2 parts.
2. Mix salt with water for soaking cabbage.
3. Put salt in each layer of cabbage leaves. Then put in the saline. Follow this step with all leaves.
4. Soak cabbage that you already put salt into it for 5 hours.
5. After 5 hours later, squeeze the water out of cabbage. Set aside on the sieve. 

The Process of Fermentation of Kimchi

1. Put sliced radish into a mixing bowl, follow with blended goat pepper, glutinous rice (mix with boiled water) and mix well together.
2. Put Korean chili, blended garlic, blended onion, blended apples, blended ginger, blended Opossum shrimp, and blended fresh shrimp to mix well by hand.
3. After the ingredients are well combined. Taste as you like, add sugar, spring onion and mix them well.
4. After soaking cabbage for 5 hours and squeeze the water out already, put in Kimji then. 

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รายการที่1-4 จาก 4

Baechu Kimchi

Baechu Kimchi - This will be Koreas most popular and probably be the best known of the Thai people. Today we will show you how to make real Korean kimchi by Korean people to all of member. With various ingredients that you can find in Thailand. If you want to try making Kimchi by your own at home, you shouldn’t miss this clip at all.

Ingredient of Baechu Kimchi

1. 2 Heads Cabbage
2. 50 grams Korean Chillies
3. 70 grams Goat Pepper
4. 50 grams Opossum Shrimp small shrimp soaked in salt water
5. 60 grams Fresh Spinned Shrimp
6. 250 grams Radish cut into lengths
7. 80 grams Onion cut into lengths
8. 30 grams Sugar
9. 9 50 grams Blended Onions
10. 70 grams Blended Garlic
11. 110 grams Glutinous Rice Mixed with Boiled Water
12. 10 grams Blended Ginger
13. 70 grams Blended Apples
14. 50 grams Korean Fish Sauce
15. Salt

How to Cook Baechu Kimchi

The Process of Soaking Vegetable

1. Rinse the cabbage by remove the outer lose leaves. Cut cabbage into 2 parts.
2. Mix salt with water for soaking cabbage.
3. Put salt in each layer of cabbage leaves. Then put in the saline. Follow this step with all leaves.
4. Soak cabbage that you already put salt into it for 5 hours.
5. After 5 hours later, squeeze the water out of cabbage. Set aside on the sieve.

The Process of Fermentation of Kimchi

1. Put sliced radish into a mixing bowl, follow with blended goat pepper, glutinous rice mix with boiled water and mix well together.
2. Put Korean chili, blended garlic, blended onion, blended apples, blended ginger, blended Opossum shrimp, and blended fresh shrimp to mix well by hand.
3. After the ingredients are well combined. Taste as you like, add sugar, spring onion and mix them well.
4. After soaking cabbage for 5 hours and squeeze the water out already, put in Kimji then.
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