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 Kkadugi Korean Recipe

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Kkadugi Korean Recipe - Kimchi is one kind of food that many people are familiar with, sweet radish fermented with Kimchi. We ensure that the taste will pleasing  you. Radish kimchi Kkadugi is not hard to make at all. You should try.

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Kkadugi Korean Recipe - Kimchi is one kind of food that many people are familiar with, sweet radish fermented with Kimchi. We ensure that the taste will pleasing  you. Radish kimchi Kkadugi is not hard to make at all. You should try.

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1. 750 grams Radishes cut into dice
2. 60 grams Korean Chilli
3. 100 grams Glutinous Rice Flour Mixed with Boiled Water
4. 50 grams Blended Garlic 
5. 100 grams Blended Goat Pepper 
6. 60 grams Korean Fish Sauce or Thai Fish Sauce
7. 100 grams Fresh Shrimp
8. 60 grams Blended Apples 
9. 30 grams Opossum Shrimp small shrimp soaked in salt water
10. 10 grams Blended Ginger
11. 100 Grams Blended Onion
12. 30 Grams Sugar

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1. Slice radishes into dice. Marinate with salt for 30 minutes.  Then rinse the salt out.
2. After 30 minutes, pour out saline from radish.
3. Put cayenne pepper into a blender and mix with radish. Mix well by hand.
4. Add glutinous rice, Korean chili, blended onion, blended apples, blended Opossum Shrimp, salt, blended ginger, and blended fresh shrimp, blended garlic, fish sauce, sugar to mix well by hand. 
5. After the ingredients are well combined. Taste as you like. You can add more salt or sugar.
6. Radish Kimchi can eat right away. Or marinate for 1 night for even better taste.

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 Kkadugi Korean Recipe

Kkadugi Korean Recipe - Kimchi is one kind of food that many people are familiar with, sweet radish fermented with Kimchi. We ensure that the taste will pleasing you. Radish kimchi Kkadugi is not hard to make at all. You should try.

Ingredient of Kkadugi Korean Recipe

1. 750 grams Radishes cut into dice
2. 60 grams Korean Chilli
3. 100 grams Glutinous Rice Flour Mixed with Boiled Water
4. 50 grams Blended Garlic
5. 100 grams Blended Goat Pepper
6. 60 grams Korean Fish Sauce or Thai Fish Sauce
7. 100 grams Fresh Shrimp
8. 60 grams Blended Apples
9. 30 grams Opossum Shrimp small shrimp soaked in salt water
10. 10 grams Blended Ginger
11. 100 Grams Blended Onion
12. 30 Grams Sugar

How to Cook Kkadugi Korean Recipe

1. Slice radishes into dice. Marinate with salt for 30 minutes. Then rinse the salt out.
2. After 30 minutes, pour out saline from radish.
3. Put cayenne pepper into a blender and mix with radish. Mix well by hand.
4. Add glutinous rice, Korean chili, blended onion, blended apples, blended Opossum Shrimp, salt, blended ginger, and blended fresh shrimp, blended garlic, fish sauce, sugar to mix well by hand.
5. After the ingredients are well combined. Taste as you like. You can add more salt or sugar.
6. Radish Kimchi can eat right away. Or marinate for 1 night for even better taste.

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