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Fancy Jelly

       By: Chef Lek  

Recipe Detail :

Fancy Jelly - Fancy a fancy jelly jelly the colorful picnic. Colorful contrasting pieces. Palem salt from the coconut milk together well with sweet ingredients.

Fancy Jelly - Fancy a fancy jelly jelly the colorful picnic. Colorful contrasting pieces. Paแlem salt from the coconut milk together well with sweet ingredients.

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Sweet Mixture
1. 8 grams Gelatin Powder
2. 750 ml. water
3. 120 grams Sugar
4.1/2 Tsp. Jasmine Smell
5. 2 Tsp. Food coloring red, green and orange

Salted Mixture
6. 3 grams Gelatin Powdered
7. 250 ml. Coconut Milk
8. 1/2 Tsp

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1. Mix salt mixture together gelatin powder, coconut milk, salt Set aside for 5 minutes. Then mix gelatin powder with water in another pot. Set aside for 5 minutes.
2. Boil coconut milk with low heat. And use high heat for the water.
always stirring in both pot
3. When the milk starts to boil. Add salt and stir well. Turn off gas and set aside. When the water boils. The smell of jasmine add sugar, stir well and set aside.
4. Pour the milk into a bowl. And segmentation of 3 parts water to one cup and mix the paint colors. The second cup of mixture into the pan with hot water.
5. Laps milk in a bowl type. And switch the color in it.
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รายการที่1-4 จาก 4

Fancy Jelly

Fancy Jelly - Fancy a fancy jelly jelly the colorful picnic. Colorful contrasting pieces. Palem salt from the coconut milk together well with sweet ingredients.

Ingredient of Fancy Jelly

Sweet Mixture

1. 8 grams Gelatin Powder
2. 750 ml. water
3. 120 grams Sugar
4.1/2 Tsp. Jasmine Smell
5. 2 Tsp. Food coloring red, green and orange

Salted Mixture

6. 3 grams Gelatin Powdered
7. 250 ml. Coconut Milk
8. 1/2 Tsp.

How to Cook Fancy Jelly

1. Mix salt mixture together gelatin powder, coconut milk, salt Set aside for 5 minutes. Then mix gelatin powder with water in another pot. Set aside for 5 minutes.
2. Boil coconut milk with low heat. And use high heat for the water.always stirring in both pot
3. When the milk starts to boil. Add salt and stir well. Turn off gas and set aside. When the water boils. The smell of jasmine add sugar, stir well and set aside.
4. Pour the milk into a bowl. And segmentation of 3 parts water to one cup and mix the paint colors. The second cup of mixture into the pan with hot water.
5. Laps milk in a bowl type. And switch the color in it.
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