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Fried Spicy Oringi Mushroom

       By: Chef Lek  

Recipe Detail :

Fried Spicy Oringi Mushroom - The mushroom that taste like a chicken, we bring it to fried with any Thai’s spicy herb for full flavor.

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Fried Spicy Oringi Mushroom - The mushroom that taste like a chicken, we bring it to fried with any Thai’s spicy herb for full flavor.
1. 200 grams of Oringi mushroom
2. 1 cup of red hot basil
3. 30 grams of sliced lesser ginger
4. 30 grams of light pepper
5. 5-6 leech lime leaves
6. 1 red hot chili
7. 10 guinea-peppers
8. 3 craved garlic
9. 3 Tbsp. of soy oil
10. 1-1/2 fish sauce
11. 1-1/2 oyster sauce
12. 1 Tsp. of sugar
13. 5 Tbsp. of water
1. Slice mush room for 1/2 cm. then slice all chili , garlic and leech lime leaves.
2. Fry the chopped chili with soy oil then put the lesser ginger, leech lime leaves , pepper and mushroom together. After that put the sugar ,fish sauce , oyster sauce and water. Fry until they combined then put the red hot basil.

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รายการที่1-4 จาก 4

Fried Spicy Oringi Mushroom

Fried Spicy Oringi Mushroom - The mushroom that taste like a chicken, we bring it to fried with any Thai’s spicy herb for full flavor.

Ingredient of Fried Spicy Oringi Mushroom

1. 200 grams of Oringi mushroom
2. 1 cup of red hot basil
3. 30 grams of sliced lesser ginger
4. 30 grams of light pepper
5. 5-6 leech lime leaves
6. 1 red hot chili
7. 10 guinea-peppers
8. 3 craved garlic
9. 3 Tbsp. of soy oil
10. 1-1/2 fish sauce
11. 1-1/2 oyster sauce
12. 1 Tsp. of sugar
13. 5 Tbsp. of water

How to Cook Fried Spicy Oringi Mushroom

1. Slice mush room for 1/2 cm. then slice all chili , garlic and leech lime leaves.
2. Fry the chopped chili with soy oil then put the lesser ginger, leech lime leaves , pepper and mushroom together. After that put the sugar ,fish sauce , oyster sauce and water. Fry until they combined then put the red hot basil.
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