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Green Tea Tiramisu

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Green Tea Tiramisu - Japanese Green Tea Tiramisu This Japanese dessert is special with soft and smooth Biscuit Sponge. A mixture of Mascarpone Cheese make Tiramisu become a unique dessert and different from others. You can change to the flavor that you like, whether it is green tea, Milo, coffee, mocha, chocolate and many more.

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Green Tea Tiramisu - Japanese Green Tea Tiramisu This Japanese dessert is special with soft and smooth Biscuit Sponge. A mixture of Mascarpone Cheese make Tiramisu become a unique dessert and different from others. You can change to the flavor that you like, whether it is green tea, Milo, coffee, mocha, chocolate and many more.

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Mascarpone Cheese Filling

1. 2 Eggs yolk
2. Sugar 50 grams
3. Mascarpone Cheese 150 grams
4. Butter 100 grams
5. Whipped cream 100 grams
6. Egg whites 70 grams
7. Green tea powder 10 grams
8. Hot water 90 grams

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1. Separate yolks and whites.
2. Beat egg yolks in a mixing bowl by whisk.
3. Add 1/2 of the sugar and mix to combine.
4. Add Mascarpone cheese room temperature, butter room temperature and beat together until cream, but not until fluffy. Set aside.
5. Beat whipped cream until rise up. Set aside
6. Beat white egg whites and sugar until fluffy by the whisk. 
white egg + sugar rise up = meringue
7. Mix whipped cream and white egg in the first ingredients. Use a spatula, gently combine and set aside.
8. Mix green tea and hot water together.
9. Dip lady finger in green tea make it quickly. Otherwise, it will be moist and soft and nice.
10. Arrange all ingredients in layer. By placing 1st layer with ady finger at the bottom of container until full. Add cream in the 2nd layer, lady finger in the 3rd layer, and cream in the 4th layer. Spread them thoroughly.
11. Sprinkle with green tea powder.
12. Freeze and ready to serve.
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Green Tea Tiramisu

Green Tea Tiramisu - Japanese Green Tea Tiramisu This Japanese dessert is special with soft and smooth Biscuit Sponge. A mixture of Mascarpone Cheese make Tiramisu become a unique dessert and different from others. You can change to the flavor that you like, whether it is green tea, Milo, coffee, mocha, chocolate and many more.

Ingredien of Green Tea Tiramisu

Mascarpone Cheese Filling
1. 2 Eggs yolk
2. Sugar 50 grams
3. Mascarpone Cheese 150 grams
4. Butter 100 grams
5. Whipped cream 100 grams
6. Egg whites 70 grams
7. Green tea powder 10 grams
8. Hot water 90 grams

How to Cook Green Tea Tiramisu

1. Separate yolks and whites.
2. Beat egg yolks in a mixing bowl by whisk.
3. Add 1/2 of the sugar and mix to combine.
4. Add Mascarpone cheese room temperature, butter room temperature and beat together until cream, but not until fluffy. Set aside.
5. Beat whipped cream until rise up. Set aside
6. Beat white egg whites and sugar until fluffy by the whisk.
white egg + sugar rise up = meringue
7. Mix whipped cream and white egg in the first ingredients. Use a spatula, gently combine and set aside.
8. Mix green tea and hot water together.
9. Dip lady finger in green tea make it quickly. Otherwise, it will be moist and soft and nice.
10. Arrange all ingredients in layer. By placing 1st layer with ady finger at the bottom of container until full. Add cream in the 2nd layer, lady finger in the 3rd layer, and cream in the 4th layer. Spread them thoroughly.
11. Sprinkle with green tea powder.
12. Freeze and ready to serve.
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