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Chicken & Sausage BBQ Skewers

       By: Chef Pong  

Recipe Detail :

Chicken & Sausage BBQ Skewers - A simple menu but it’s so delicious. This menu is perfect to make for party at home. Don't waste your time and let's join us together!

Chicken & Sausage BBQ Skewers - A simple menu but it’s so delicious. This menu is perfect to make for party at home. Don't waste your time and let's join us together!

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1. 1 cup Chicken Fillet
2. 1 Large piece of Smoked pork sausage
3. 2 pieces Orinji Mushroom
4. 1 Sweet corn
5. Bell peppers
6. Sriracha pineapple
7. Butter 1 Tbsp.
8. Paprika 1 Tbsp.
9. 1 cup Barbecue sauce

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1. Stab everything into the skewers as you want. Try to choose the same size pieces for thoroughly cooked when you grill them. 
2. Corn- boil it before bring to grill. Sprinkle just a little salt and pepper, then paint with melted butter for more flavor and to make it not stick together. Then just alternate with BBQ sauce. Is it easy? 


We recommend you to make a big bowl of salad for eating together with this superb BBQ dish.
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Chicken & Sausage BBQ Skewers

Chicken & Sausage BBQ Skewers - A simple menu but it’s so delicious. This menu is perfect to make for party at home. Dont waste your time and lets join us together!

Ingredient of Chicken & Sausage BBQ Skewers

1. 1 cup Chicken Fillet
2. 1 Large piece of Smoked pork sausage
3. 2 pieces Orinji Mushroom
4. 1 Sweet corn
5. Bell peppers
6. Sriracha pineapple
7. Butter 1 Tbsp.
8. Paprika 1 Tbsp.
9. 1 cup Barbecue sauce

How to Cook Chicken & Sausage BBQ Skewers

1. Stab everything into the skewers as you want. Try to choose the same size pieces for thoroughly cooked when you grill them.
2. Corn- boil it before bring to grill. Sprinkle just a little salt and pepper, then paint with melted butter for more flavor and to make it not stick together. Then just alternate with BBQ sauce. Is it easy?

Tips Chicken & Sausage BBQ Skewers

We recommend you to make a big bowl of salad for eating together with this superb BBQ dish.

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