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Fried Chicken with Basil Leave (Ka-Prao Gai)

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Fried Chicken with Basil Leave (Ka - Prao Gai) - The most popular single dish which is both delicious and has benefit. Smell nice from basil leave with a mellow taste. And has easy cooking steps. Don’t forget add a bit more delicious with poached egg.

Fried Chicken with Basil Leave (Ka-Prao Gai) - The most popular single dish which is both delicious and has benefit. Smell nice from basil leave with a mellow taste. And has easy cooking steps. Don’t forget add a bit more delicious with poached egg.

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1. Basil.Leave
2. Chicken
3. Chilli - Garlic (pounded together)
4. Onion
5. Sugar.
6. Seasoning Sauce
7. Fish Sauce
8. Oil.
9. Oyster Sauce

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1. Fry chilli-garlic. Follow by fry chicken and stir until cooked.
2. Add onion and stir. Season with sugar, fish sauce and oyster sauce. Fry
them well together.
3. Add basil leaves at last and stir to combine. Serve by decorating with top of basil leaves.
Ready to eat.
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Fried Chicken with Basil Leave (Ka-Prao Gai)

Fried Chicken with Basil Leave (Ka-Prao Gai) The most popular single dish which is both delicious and has benefit. Smell nice from basil leave with a mellow taste. And has easy cooking steps. Don’t forget add a bit more delicious with poached egg.

Ingredient of Fried Chicken with Basil Leave (Ka-Prao Gai)

1. Basil.Leave
2. Chicken
3. Chilli - Garlic (pounded together)
4. Onion
5. Sugar.
6. Seasoning Sauce
7. Fish Sauce
8. Oil.
9. Oyster Sauce

How to Cook Fried Chicken with Basil Leave (Ka-Prao Gai)

1. Fry chilli-garlic. Follow by fry chicken and stir until cooked.
2. Add onion and stir. Season with sugar, fish sauce and oyster sauce. Fry
them well together.
3. Add basil leaves at last and stir to combine. Serve by decorating with top of basil leaves.
Ready to eat.

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