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Homemade Bread

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Homemade Bread - The easy homemade bread for every that use only common ingredients and equipment. For the light meal or put any stuff into it.

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Homemade Bread - The easy homemade bread for every that use only common ingredients and equipment. For the light meal or put any stuff into it.

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1. 300 grams of flour
2. 30 grams of sugar
3. 3 grams of salt
4. 100 grams of yeast dried
5. 200 grams of water
6. 55 grams of salted butter
7. sesame optional
1. Mix the flour , sugar and salt together in the bowl.
2. Put yeast into the warm water.
3. Then put the mixed yeast into the flour bowl
4. Mix them together
5. Put the salted butter.
6. Knead them together but not too hard.
7. Wrap the bowl for about  1/2 hour until the flour rise up.
8. Knead them again for take the air out from flour.
9. Mold them
10. Put into the oven at 175 cํ for about 25 minutes.
11. Spread butter them season with the sesame.
12. Leave the bread cool before serve.

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รายการที่1-6 จาก 6

Homemade Bread

Homemade Bread - The easy homemade bread for every that use only common ingredients and equipment. For the light meal or put any stuff into it.

Ingredient of Homemade Bread

1. 300 grams of flour
2. 30 grams of sugar
3. 3 grams of salt
4. 100 grams of yeast dried
5. 200 grams of water
6. 55 grams of salted butter
7. sesame optional

How to Cook Homemade Bread

1. Mix the flour , sugar and salt together in the bowl.
2. Put yeast into the warm water.
3. Then put the mixed yeast into the flour bowl
4. Mix them together
5. Put the salted butter.
6. Knead them together but not too hard.
7. Wrap the bowl for about 1/2 hour until the flour rise up.
8. Knead them again for take the air out from flour.
9. Mold them
10. Put into the oven at 175 cํ for about 25 minutes.
11. Spread butter them season with the sesame.
12. Leave the bread cool before serve.
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