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Caramel Custard

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Caramel Custard - This menu is classic dessert for lots of bakery house.  Custard that made from an egg , sugar ,milk and bake them. Soft touch of cream custard and sweet taste from caramel are well combine for the lover of this menu and it’s not too hard to make it by yourself.

Caramel Custard - This menu is classic dessert for lots of bakery house.  Custard that made from an egg , sugar ,milk and bake them. Soft touch of cream custard and sweet taste from caramel are well combine for the lover of this menu and it’s not too hard to make it by yourself.

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1. 150 grams of sugar
2. 50 ml. of water

3. 500 ml. of milk
4. 2 eggs
5. 2 egg yolk
6. 125 grams of sugar
7. 1/2  Tsp. of vanilla flavor
1. Spread butter into the cup do not spread for the bottom of cup.
2. Caramel – Warm pot with medium heat then put the sugar into the pot and wait until they turn to brown color like caramel. Put the water into the cup for 1-2 mm. and leave them cool.
3. Boil milk and sugar together after they boiled leave them cool. Put the egg and egg yolk into the pot and stir them together. Put the milk into the egg pot and keep stir them. Put the vanilla flavor into the pot then put them into the cup. Put the cup on the tray with water and bake them with 160 c. for about 45-50 minutes do not let water in the tray boiled after that leave them cool and keep them into refrigerator for another  1 hour.
4. Use knife to take them out of the cup.


For the one who don’t like caramel flavor. 1st method do not boiled sugar for long time.

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Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard - This menu is classic dessert for lots of bakery house. Custard that made from an egg , sugar ,milk and bake them. Soft touch of cream custard and sweet taste from caramel are well combine for the lover of this menu and it’s not too hard to make it by yourself.

Ingredient of Caramel Custard

1. 150 grams of sugar
2. 50 ml. of water

3. 500 ml. of milk
4. 2 eggs
5. 2 egg yolk
6. 125 grams of sugar
7. 1/2 Tsp. of vanilla flavor

How to Cook Caramel Custard

1. Spread butter into the cup do not spread for the bottom of cup.
2. Caramel – Warm pot with medium heat then put the sugar into the pot and wait until they turn to brown color like caramel. Put the water into the cup for 1-2 mm. and leave them cool.
3. Boil milk and sugar together after they boiled leave them cool. Put the egg and egg yolk into the pot and stir them together. Put the milk into the egg pot and keep stir them. Put the vanilla flavor into the pot then put them into the cup. Put the cup on the tray with water and bake them with 160c .for about 45-50 minutes do not let water in the tray boiled after that leave them cool and keep them into refrigerator for another 1 hour.
4. Use knife to take them out of the cup.

Tips Caramel Custard

For the one who don’t like caramel flavor. 1st method do not boiled sugar for long time.

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