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Banana & Cheese Chocolate

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Banana & Cheese Chocolate - Well combine between chocolate and fill inside with cheese and banana. The taste of banana , honey and cheese are full flavor for everyone. This menu can make for the special guest and special person by easily.

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Banana & Cheese Chocolate - Well combine between chocolate and fill inside with cheese and banana. The taste of banana , honey and cheese are full flavor for everyone. This menu can make for the special guest and special person by easily.
Banana Ganache
1. 20 grams of salted butter
2. 85 grams of banana
3. 40 grams of honey
4. 120 grams of 70% chocolate
5. 50 grams of whipping cream
6. 50 grams of cheddar cheese dice

Chocolate coating
1. 350 grams of 70% dark chocolate
2.150 grams of coco no sweet

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1. Put the stencil paper on the tray.
2. Pound banana to be little piece.
3.  Warm the pan then put the butter into the pan.
4. Put banana into the pan and fry them.
5. Put the honey into the pan and keep fry until they turn to be cream then leave them cool.
6. Chop the chocolate for the Banana Ganache.
7. Boil the whipping cream.
8. Put the whipping cream boiled into the same bowl of chopped chocolate.
9. Mix them together.
10. Put the banana mixture into the same bowl.
11. Put the cheddar cheese into the bowl.
12. Leave them cool.
13. Make them like scoop then put them on the tray.
14.  Put the try into refrigerator  for 20 minutes.
15. Mold them and put into the refrigerator for another 20 minutes.
16. Chopped chocolate for little pieces.
17. Boil the chocolate until they melted.
18. Take Ganache out from refrigerator then roll them with chocolate.
19. Roll them with coco and leave them for 20 minutes then put them back into refrigerator.
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รายการที่1-6 จาก 6

Banana & Cheese Chocolate

Banana & Cheese Chocolate - Well combine between chocolate and fill inside with cheese and banana. The taste of banana , honey and cheese are full flavor for everyone. This menu can make for the special guest and special person by easily.

Ingredient of Banana & Cheese Chocolate

Banana Ganache

1. 20 grams of salted butter
2. 85 grams of banana
3. 40 grams of honey
4. 120 grams of 70% chocolate
5. 50 grams of whipping cream
6. 50 grams of cheddar cheese dice

Chocolate coating

1. 350 grams of 70% dark chocolate
2.150 grams of coco no sweet

How to Cook Banana & Cheese Chocolate

1. Put the stencil paper on the tray.
2. Pound banana to be little piece.
3. Warm the pan then put the butter into the pan.
4. Put banana into the pan and fry them.
5. Put the honey into the pan and keep fry until they turn to be cream then leave them cool.
6. Chop the chocolate for the Banana Ganache.
7. Boil the whipping cream.
8. Put the whipping cream boiled into the same bowl of chopped chocolate.
9. Mix them together.
10. Put the banana mixture into the same bowl.
11. Put the cheddar cheese into the bowl.
12. Leave them cool.
13. Make them like scoop then put them on the tray.
14. Put the try into refrigerator for 20 minutes.
15. Mold them and put into the refrigerator for another 20 minutes.
16. Chopped chocolate for little pieces.
17. Boil the chocolate until they melted.
18. Take Ganache out from refrigerator then roll them with chocolate.
19. Roll them with coco and leave them for 20 minutes then put them back into refrigerator.
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