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Cookie Monster

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Cookie Monster - It come from the main characters on Sesame Street Cookie Monster, the blue furry face. He is really likes to eat cookies. And today we make the cookie like his face. What a lovely cookie! Add more delicious with mint smell and chocolate which is the eyes and mouth.

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Cookie Monster - It come from the main characters on Sesame Street Cookie Monster, the blue furry face. He is really likes to eat cookies. And today we make the cookie like his face. What a lovely cookie! Add more delicious with mint smell and chocolate which is the eyes and mouth.

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1. 230 grams Salted Butter
2. Brown sugar 50 grams
3. Icing 50 grams
4. 1 Egg 
5. Vanilla 1 1/2 Tsp.
6. 300 grams cake flour
7. Baking powder 2 Tsp.
8. Mint odor 1 Tsp.
9. White Chocolate 20 grams
10. Blue food coloring (optional)
11. Chocolate 150 grams
12. 200 grams of sugar

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1. Heat oven at 175 C.
2. Place strain paper on a tray.
3. Butter (room temperature) with the sugar until fluffy. It is creamy white.
4. Add eggs, vanilla odor and mint odor and mix well together.
5. Gradually add sifted flour and baking powder together.
6. Blend with medium speed until well blended.
7. Set aside the dough. Mix blue food coloring with sugar in a plastic bag.
8. Shake to combine.
9. Divide the finished mixing cookie dough into pieces by pieces.
10. Dip in blue color all over the bottom.
11. Turn back the sugar side to the top.
12. Put into the oven for 15-20 minutes.
13. During the preparation of’ ‘the eyes and mouth of cookie monster’, melted chocolate and pour in a paper cone.
15. Draw a mouth of cookie monster.
16. Point the eyes on the white chocolate. And put in the refrigerator.
17. When a cookie is cooked. Bring out to set aside on a wire rack to cool.
18. Perform the eyes and mouth that you prepare before together.

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รายการที่1-8 จาก 8
รายการที่1-8 จาก 8

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster - It come from the main characters on Sesame Street Cookie Monster, the blue furry face. He is really likes to eat cookies. And today we make the cookie like his face. What a lovely cookie! Add more delicious with mint smell and chocolate which is the eyes and mouth.

Ingredient of Cookie Monster

1. 230 grams Salted Butter
2. Brown sugar 50 grams
3. Icing 50 grams
4. 1 Egg
5. Vanilla 1 1/2 Tsp.
6. 300 grams cake flour
7. Baking powder 2 Tsp.
8. Mint odor 1 Tsp.
9. White Chocolate 20 grams
10. Blue food coloring (optional)
11. Chocolate 150 grams
12. 200 grams of sugar

How to Cook Cookie Monster

1. Heat oven at 175 C.
2. Place strain paper on a tray.
3. Butter (room temperature) with the sugar until fluffy. It is creamy white.
4. Add eggs, vanilla odor and mint odor and mix well together.
5. Gradually add sifted flour and baking powder together.
6. Blend with medium speed until well blended.
7. Set aside the dough. Mix blue food coloring with sugar in a plastic bag.
8. Shake to combine.
9. Divide the finished mixing cookie dough into pieces by pieces.
10. Dip in blue color all over the bottom.
11. Turn back the sugar side to the top.
12. Put into the oven for 15-20 minutes.
13. During the preparation of’ ‘the eyes and mouth of cookie monster’, melted chocolate and pour in a paper cone.
15. Draw a mouth of cookie monster.
16. Point the eyes on the white chocolate. And put in the refrigerator.
17. When a cookie is cooked. Bring out to set aside on a wire rack to cool.
18. Perform the eyes and mouth that you prepare before together.

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