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Red bean paste (Tua Dang Guan)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Red bean paste (Tua Dang Guan) - Red bean paste (filling) is another important ingredient to make filling in many desserts. Especially in the Japanese desserts such as the Dorayaki, Daifuku, Dungko or filling for buns. Eat with green tea ice cream is really go well together.

Red bean paste - Red bean paste (filling) is another important ingredient to make filling in many desserts. Especially in the Japanese desserts such as the Dorayaki, Daifuku, Dungko or filling for buns. Eat with green tea ice cream is really go well together.

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1. 500 grams of Red bean
2. 140 grams Brown sugar

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1. Filling of red bean - Red beans
Wash 2-3 times and then soaked in water for overnight and then pour water out.  Or you can take much time for boiling if you don't soak in water)
2. Add water over red beans in the pot. Boil over medium-high heat. Always spoon out foam, when it starts boiling turn to medium - low heat. Keep stirring to prevent red bean stick in  bottom of the pot. Add some more water if it dry out. Boil until red bean soft, drain water out and put red bean back into the pot. Add sugar, (maybe with a little salt) stirring over low heat until the water dry out. If the beans stick together, use a spatula to separate. If red beans don't flow back to combined together, it’s already sticky. Spoon into a container or in a tray and leave it cool.
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Red bean paste (Tua Dang Guan)

Red bean paste (Tua Dang Guan) - Red bean paste (filling) is another important ingredient to make filling in many desserts. Especially in the Japanese desserts such as the Dorayaki, Daifuku, Dungko or filling for buns. Eat with green tea ice cream is really go well together.

Ingredient of Red bean paste (Tua Dang Guan)

1. 500 grams of Red bean
2. 140 grams Brown sugar

How to Cook Red bean paste (Tua Dang Guan)

1. Filling of red bean - Red beans
Wash 2-3 times and then soaked in water for overnight and then pour water out. Or you can take much time for boiling if you dont soak in water)
2. Add water over red beans in the pot. Boil over medium-high heat. Always spoon out foam, when it starts boiling turn to medium - low heat. Keep stirring to prevent red bean stick in bottom of the pot. Add some more water if it dry out. Boil until red bean soft, drain water out and put red bean back into the pot. Add sugar, (maybe with a little salt) stirring over low heat until the water dry out. If the beans stick together, use a spatula to separate. If red beans dont flow back to combined together, it’s already sticky. Spoon into a container or in a tray and leave it cool.

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