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Cupcake Cone

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Cupcake Cone - A cupcake that make it look like an ice-cream for the kids!!!

Cupcake Cone - A cupcake that make it look like an ice-cream for the kids!!!
1. Cake from Little Sweet Cupcake 1/2 recipe
2. 6 Cones of Ice cream
3. 500 grams salted butter
4. 300 grams of icing
5. 2 tbsp. of milk powdered
6. Food coloring
7. Vanilla flavor 1 and 1/2 cc
8. Candy
1. Put the salted butter into the bowl and stir them until they turn to be "cream"
2. Put Icing , Milk powdered and Vanilla flavor into the bowl and mix the until smooth
3. Put the food coloring after that put mixture into the cream maker for decorate the cake surface.
4. Put the mixture into the cookie maker block with the same size of the cone of ice cream. Don't forget to put the candy into the bottom of the cone of ice cream. Then put the cream on it.
5.Put Cake on the cone and put some more cream on it Pound the icing , chocolate or candy

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รายการที่1-8 จาก 8
รายการที่1-8 จาก 8

Cupcake Cone

Cupcake Cone - A cupcake that make it look like an ice-cream for the kids!!!

Ingredient of Cupcake Cone

1. Cake from Little Sweet Cupcake 1/2 recipe
2. 6 Cones of Ice cream
3. 500 grams salted butter
4. 300 grams of icing
5. 2 tbsp. of milk powdered
6. Food coloring
7. Vanilla flavor 1 and 1/2 cc
8. Candy

How to Cook Cupcake Cone

1. Put the salted butter into the bowl and stir them until they turn to be cream
2. Put Icing , Milk powdered and Vanilla flavor into the bowl and mix the until smooth
3. Put the food coloring after that put mixture into the cream maker for decorate the cake surface.
4. Put the mixture into the cookie maker block with the same size of the cone of ice cream. Dont forget to put the candy into the bottom of the cone of ice cream. Then put the cream on it.
5.Put Cake on the cone and put some more cream on it Pound the icing , chocolate or candy

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