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Little Rabbit Cupcake

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Little Rabbit Cupcake - Cupcake for the Childrean's Day that make it look like a rabbit. Make it for the kids and they will love it. ^^

Little Rabbit Cupcake - Cupcake for the Childrean's Day that make it look like a rabbit. Make it for the kids and they will love it. ^^

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1. Double Chocolate Cupcake or cupcake recipe as you like (for making topping icing Topping Icing
2. 300 grams of icing
3. 50 grams of milk powdered
4. 500 grams of butter
5. Food coloring
6. 225 grams of Icing
7. 6 sheets of Gelatin
8. 6 grams of syrup
9. 5 grams of Hot water
10. Coco powder

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1. Bake the Double Chocolate Cupcake or any kinds of cupcake for the 10-12 pieces.
2. Leave them on rack.
3. For making Sugar paste start with put gelatin into the water
4. Heat the water until boiling then put it into bowl
5. Stir them until well combined
6. Put Syrup and Icing into the bowl then stir them together
7. Warp them by the food wrap after that put in to the freezer about 1 hour
8. After 1 hour take them out from freezer and mold them like you need.
9. Start to make Icing topping
10. Put butter into the bowl and stir it.
11. Put icing and milk powdered and stir them together.
12. put the food coloring
13. After we get the icing topping , put them on the top of the cake.

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รายการที่1-7 จาก 7

Little Rabbit Cupcake

Little Rabbit Cupcake - Cupcake for the Childreans Day that make it look like a rabbit. Make it for the kids and they will love it. ^^

Ingredient of Little Rabbit Cupcake

1. Double Chocolate Cupcake or cupcake recipe as you like (for making topping icing) Topping Icing
2. 300 grams of icing
3. 50 grams of milk powdered
4. 500 grams of butter
5. Food coloring
6. 225 grams of Icing
7. 6 sheets of Gelatin
8. 6 grams of syrup
9. 5 grams of Hot water
10. Coco powder

How to Cook Little Rabbit Cupcake

1. Bake the Double Chocolate Cupcake or any kinds of cupcake for the 10-12 pieces.
2. Leave them on rack.
3. For making Sugar paste start with put gelatin into the water
4. Heat the water until boiling then put it into bowl
5. Stir them until well combined
6. Put Syrup and Icing into the bowl then stir them together
7. Warp them by the food wrap after that put in to the freezer about 1 hour
8. After 1 hour take them out from freezer and mold them like you need.
9. Start to make Icing topping
10. Put butter into the bowl and stir it.
11. Put icing and milk powdered and stir them together.
12. put the food coloring
13. After we get the icing topping , put them on the top of the cake.

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