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Grapefruit jelly

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Grapefruit jelly - Jelly for the Chinese New Year. Easy to make, serve them with the whip cream.

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Grapefruit jelly - Jelly for the Chinese New Year. Easy to make, serve them with the whip cream.

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1. 5 Grapefruits (4 grapefruits can give 200 grams of juice)
2. 200 grams of tangerine juice
3. 12 sheets of gelatin
4. 3 Tbsp. of sugar
5. 1 lemon
1. Chop the 4 grapefruits for make the lid and cup. 
2. Sqweez the left grape fruit for the juice
3. Keep the skin after they dry out
4. Wash and dry them
5. For the left 1 grapefruit , shredded the skin. use 1/4 of skin
6. Shreded the 1/4 lemon
7. Sqweez lime for 1/2
8. Boil 1/2 of orange juice and put the sugar in it
9. Put gelatin in the water
10. Put the gelatin into the same boiled pot
11. put the orange juice into the pot
12. Put the orange skin , lemon skin and lime then mix together
13. Put all mixture into the orange cup that made before.
14. Freeze about 1 hour until they turn to be jelly.

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รายการที่1-8 จาก 8

Grapefruit jelly

Grapefruit jelly - Jelly for the Chinese New Year. Easy to make, serve them with the whip cream.

Ingredient of Grapefruit jelly

1. 5 Grapefruits (4 grapefruits can give 200 grams of juice)
2. 200 grams of tangerine juice
3. 12 sheets of gelatin
4. 3 Tbsp. of sugar
5. 1 lemon

How to Cook Grapefruit jelly

1. Chop the 4 grapefruits for make the lid and cup.
2. Sqweez the left grape fruit for the juice
3. Keep the skin after they dry out
4. Wash and dry them
5. For the left 1 grapefruit , shredded the skin. use 1/4 of skin
6. Shreded the 1/4 lemon
7. Sqweez lime for 1/2
8. Boil 1/2 of orange juice and put the sugar in it
9. Put gelatin in the water
10. Put the gelatin into the same boiled pot
11. put the orange juice into the pot
12. Put the orange skin , lemon skin and lime then mix together
13. Put all mixture into the orange cup that made before.
14. Freeze about 1 hour until they turn to be jelly.

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