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Udon with The Japanese Style Curry

       By: Chef Nan  

Recipe Detail :

Udon with The Japanese Style Curry - Another Japanese noodles menu that made from Japanese noodle , Japanese style curry and Tempura fried shrimp

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Udon with The Japanese Style Curry - Another Japanese noodles menu that made from Japanese noodle , Japanese style curry and Tempura fried shrimp
1. 200 grams of Soba
2. 4 Shrimps
3. Rice flour , egg , bread crumbs
4. Sea weed

1. 400 grams of udon
2. 4-5 shrimps
3. Rice flour , egg , bread crumbs

Japanese style curry
1. 2-3 pieces of curry chunk
2. 1 potato grinded
3. 1/2 carrot grinded
4. 100 milligrams of milk
5. 1 apple
6. 50 milligrams of Hondachi soup
7. 1/2 of sliced onion
8. butter
9. Shoyu Japanese soy sauce

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How to boiled Udon
1. Boiled the water and put some salt into the pot. After that put the udon into the pot and wait until udon well cooked.
2. Take udon out from the pot and soak them with the cold water.

Tempura the same method from the Zaru soba clip
1. Crave the shrimp's shell and left the tail part and roasted them for the good smell.
2. Put rice flour, egg , bread crumbs into the bowl and mix them together. After that dip the shrimp into it and fired.

Japanese curry
1. Melted butter with low heat after that put the onion , potato , carrot into the pan. Then mix them with the milk and apple that already chopped.
2. Wait until they melted then add Hondachi soup and sho yu into the pot. Ready to serve with udon
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Udon with The Japanese Style Curry

Udon with The Japanese Style Curry - Another Japanese noodles menu that made from Japanese noodle , Japanese style curry and Tempura fried shrimp

Ingredient of Udon with The Japanese Style Curry

1. 400 grams of udon
2. 4-5 shrimps
3. Rice flour , egg , bread crumbs

Japanese style curry

1. 2-3 pieces of curry chunk
2. 1 potato (grinded)
3. 1/2 carrot (grinded)
4. 100 milligrams of milk
5. 1 apple
6. 50 milligrams of Hondachi soup
7. 1/2 of sliced onion
8. butter
9. Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce)

How to Cook Udon with The Japanese Style Curry

How to boiled Udon
1. Boiled the water and put some salt into the pot. After that put the udon into the pot and wait until udon well cooked.
2. Take udon out from the pot and soak them with the cold water.

Tempura the same method from the Zaru soba clip

1. Crave the shrimps shell and left the tail part and roasted them for the good smell.
2. Put rice flour, egg , bread crumbs into the bowl and mix them together. After that dip the shrimp into it and fired.

Japanese curry

1. Melted butter with low heat after that put the onion , potato , carrot into the pan. Then mix them with the milk and apple that already chopped.
2. Wait until they melted then add Hondachi soup and sho yu into the pot. Ready to serve with udon

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