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Grilled Polenta Salad

       By: Chef Pong  

Recipe Detail :

Grilled Polenta Salad - Another menu from Polenta (made from corn). Grill polenta and serve with vegetables salad.

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Grilled Polenta Salad - Another menu from Polenta (made from corn). Grill polenta and serve with vegetables salad.
1. 2 cups of chickens stock soup
2. 1 cup of Polenta
3. vegetables salad

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1. Boiled polenta with the chicken stock until they boiled.
2. Season with salt , pepper then pour polenta and mixture on the tray and leave them cool.
3. Wait until Polenta turn harder then cut polenta like a pizza shape and dressing with olive oil. After that grill polenta for goof smell.
4. Serve it up with vegetables salad and feta cheese.
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Grilled Polenta Salad

Grilled Polenta Salad - Another menu from Polenta (made from corn). Grill polenta and serve with vegetables salad.

Ingredient of Grilled Polenta Salad

1. 2 cups of chickens stock soup
2. 1 cup of Polenta
3. vegetables salad

How to Cook Grilled Polenta Salad

1. Boiled polenta with the chicken stock until they boiled.
2. Season with salt , pepper then pour polenta and mixture on the tray and leave them cool.
3. Wait until Polenta turn harder then cut polenta like a pizza shape and dressing with olive oil. After that grill polenta for goof smell.
4. Serve it up with vegetables salad and feta cheese.

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