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Thin cut Minute Steak with Marmalade

       By: Chef Pong  

Recipe Detail :

Thin cut minute steak with Marmalade - Name of minute steak means easy to cook but give more delicious. The menu for holiday or any rush party.

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Thin cut minute steak with Marmalade - Name of minute steak means easy to cook but give more delicious. The menu for holiday or any rush party.
1. 1 piece of Beef  (pounded)
2. Saute mushroom
3. 1 tomato
4. Vegetables salad
5. Marmalade

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1. Season beef with salt and pepper. (also tomato and mushroom)
2. Grill beef for 1 minute per side then leave the beef for another 1 minute. After that grill tomato and mushroom.
3. Dish up with tomato , mushroom ,vegetables salad and marmalade

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รายการที่1-6 จาก 6

Thin cut Minute Steak with Marmalade

Thin cut minute steak with Marmalade - Name of minute steak means easy to cook but give more delicious. The menu for holiday or any rush party.

Ingredient of Thin cut Minute Steak with Marmalade

1. 1 piece of Beef (pounded)
2. Saute mushroom
3. 1 tomato
4. Vegetables salad
5. Marmalade

How to Cook Thin cut Minute Steak with Marmalade

1. Season beef with salt and pepper. (also tomato and mushroom)
2. Grill beef for 1 minute per side then leave the beef for another 1 minute. After that grill tomato and mushroom.
3. Dish up with tomato , mushroom ,vegetables salad and marmalade

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