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Fish Ball Topped With Yentafo Sauce

       By: Chef Nok  

Recipe Detail :

Fish Ball Topped With Yentafo Sauce - Pink is the color of love. It tastes sweet, sour, salty and spicy with mellow flavors. With a soft and crispy of fish ball. This dish is perfect appetizers instead of a normal spicy salad dish.

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Fish Ball Topped With Yentafo Sauce - Pink is the color of love. It tastes sweet, sour, salty and spicy with mellow flavors. With a soft and crispy of fish ball. This dish is perfect appetizers instead of a normal spicy salad dish.
1. 300 grams Fish Ball (blanched in boiling water)
2. Morning Glory
3. 2 tbsp. Vegetable oil (for stir-fried morning glory)
4. 1 handful Salt (for stir-fry morning glory)
5. 4 Tbsp. Yen Ta Fo sauce
6. Vinegar 2 Tbsp.
7. Sugar 1 Tbsp.
8 Soy sauce 2 Tsp.
9. 1 Tbsp. Oyster sauce
10. Oil for stir-fry Yen Ta Fo Sauce
11. Minced Garlic, 2 Tsp.
12. Chopped Bird Chilli, 2 Tsp.

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1. Fry morning glory with hot oil in a pan. Sprinkle with salt and fry until cook just a little. Arrange on a plate.
2. Place blanched fish balls on cooked morning glory.
3. Heat the pan on medium heat. Fry garlic until golden brown. Add chopped chilli, Yen tafo sauce,  oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and simmer until combined. The sauce will  thick and sticky.
4. Turn off the heat.
5. Topped Yen Ta Fo sauce on fish ball and morning glory. Add flavor with sprinkle with fried garlic and crackling pork.

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Fish Ball Topped With Yentafo Sauce

Fish Ball Topped With Yentafo Sauce - Pink is the color of love. It tastes sweet, sour, salty and spicy with mellow flavors. With a soft and crispy of fish ball. This dish is perfect appetizers instead of a normal spicy salad dish.

Ingredient of Fish Ball Topped With Yentafo Sauce

1. 300 grams Fish Ball (blanched in boiling water)
2. Morning Glory
3. 2 tbsp. Vegetable oil (for stir-fried morning glory)
4. 1 handful Salt (for stir-fry morning glory)
5. 4 Tbsp. Yen Ta Fo sauce
6. Vinegar 2 Tbsp.
7. Sugar 1 Tbsp.
8 Soy sauce 2 Tsp.
9. 1 Tbsp. Oyster sauce
10. Oil for stir-fry Yen Ta Fo Sauce
11. Minced Garlic, 2 Tsp.
12. Chopped Bird Chilli, 2 Tsp.

How to Cook Fish Ball Topped With Yentafo Sauce

1. Fry morning glory with hot oil in a pan. Sprinkle with salt and fry until cook just a little. Arrange on a plate.
2. Place blanched fish balls on cooked morning glory.
3. Heat the pan on medium heat. Fry garlic until golden brown. Add chopped chilli, Yen tafo sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and simmer until combined. The sauce will thick and sticky.
4. Turn off the heat.
5. Topped Yen Ta Fo sauce on fish ball and morning glory. Add flavor with sprinkle with fried garlic and crackling pork.

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