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Stir-Fried Pink Rice Noodle with Coconut Milk (Sen Mee See Chom Pu / Mee Ka-Ti See Chom Pu)

       By: Chef Nok  

Recipe Detail :

Stir - Fried Pink Rice Noodle with Coconut Milk (Sen Mee See Chom Pu / Mee Ka - Ti See Chom Pu) - This menu has similar flavor with coconut milk noodle. But adapted to modern tastes. Add more nutrients for the dish with pork, eggs, shrimp and squid. Offers abundant of your love with this delicious pink dish.

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Stir - Fried Pink Rice Noodle with Coconut Milk (Sen Mee See Chom Pu / Mee Ka - Ti See Chom Pu) - This menu has similar flavor with coconut milk noodle. But adapted to modern tastes. Add more nutrients for the dish with pork, eggs, shrimp and squid. Offers abundant of your love with this delicious pink dish.

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1. Rice Noodle (soaked and drained dry) 150 grams
2. 1/2 Tsp. Oils (for noodles)
3. 1/4 cup Coconut milk  (for noodles)
4. Salt (for noodles), 1 handful
5. 1 Tbsp. Yen Ta Fo Sauce (for noodles)
6. Coconut milk 1/2 cup
7. 50 grams crushed pork
8. 3 Shrimps
9. 4 pieces of crunchy squid
10. 1 Tbsp. Sugar
11. 1 Tsp. Soya sauce
12. 1 Tsp. chicken powder
13. 1 Tsp. Minced Garlic
14. 3 Tbsp. Chopped shallot
15. 1 Chopped celery root
16. 1 Tsp. Chilli (finely chopped)
17. Boiled quail eggs
18. Sliced omelet
19. Chopped spring onion
20. Coriander
21. Lime
1. Prepare noodle, pour oil into a pan over medium heat. Follow with Yentafo sauce, coconut milk, salt and stir to combine.
2. Put rice noodle to fried and mix thoroughly until noodles are cooked and change to pink. Set aside.
3. Made rice noodles dressing sauce by heat 1/3 of coconut in a pan over medium heat, and fry shallot, chopped garlic, coriander root together with coconut milk.
4. Fry ground pork, add sugar, soy sauce, chicken powder, chopped chilli and the remaining coconut milk.
5. Put shrimp, squid and boil until cooked. (It is not coconut milk), turn off the heat and set aside.
6. Serve noodles on a plate. Dress with coconut milk sauce and  top with sliced quail eggs, spring onion, and coriander. Serve together with lemon and finish.
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รายการที่1-8 จาก 8

Stir-Fried Pink Rice Noodle with Coconut Milk (Sen Mee See Chom Pu / Mee Ka-Ti See Chom Pu)

Stir-Fried Pink Rice Noodle with Coconut Milk (Sen Mee See Chom Pu / Mee Ka-Ti See Chom Pu) - This menu has similar flavor with coconut milk noodle. But adapted to modern tastes. Add more nutrients for the dish with pork, eggs, shrimp and squid. Offers abundant of your love with this delicious pink dish.

Ingredient of Stir-Fried Pink Rice Noodle with Coconut Milk (Sen Mee See Chom Pu / Mee Ka-Ti See Chom Pu)

1. Rice Noodle (soaked and drained dry) 150 grams
2. 1/2 Tsp. Oils (for noodles)
3. 1/4 cup Coconut milk (for noodles)
4. Salt (for noodles), 1 handful
5. 1 Tbsp. Yen Ta Fo Sauce (for noodles)
6. Coconut milk 1/2 cup
7. 50 grams crushed pork
8. 3 Shrimps
9. 4 pieces of crunchy squid
10. 1 Tbsp. Sugar
11. 1 Tsp. Soya sauce
12. 1 Tsp. chicken powder
13. 1 Tsp. Minced Garlic
14. 3 Tbsp. Chopped shallot
15. 1 Chopped celery root
16. 1 Tsp. Chilli (finely chopped)
17. Boiled quail eggs
18. Sliced omelet
19. Chopped spring onion
20. Coriander
21. Lime

How to Cook Stir-Fried Pink Rice Noodle with Coconut Milk (Sen Mee See Chom Pu / Mee Ka-Ti See Chom Pu)

1. Prepare noodle, pour oil into a pan over medium heat. Follow with Yentafo sauce, coconut milk, salt and stir to combine.
2. Put rice noodle to fried and mix thoroughly until noodles are cooked and change to pink. Set aside.
3. Made rice noodles dressing sauce by heat 1/3 of coconut in a pan over medium heat, and fry shallot, chopped garlic, coriander root together with coconut milk.
4. Fry ground pork, add sugar, soy sauce, chicken powder, chopped chilli and the remaining coconut milk.
5. Put shrimp, squid and boil until cooked. (It is not coconut milk), turn off the heat and set aside.
6. Serve noodles on a plate. Dress with coconut milk sauce and top with sliced quail eggs, spring onion, and coriander. Serve together with lemon and finish.

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