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Pork Steamed Rice Parcels (Kao Griab Pak Mor Yaun)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Pork Steamed Rice Parcels (Kao Griab Pak Mor Yaun) - A delicious light meal of Viatnam which so popular in Thailand. The dough we use is similar to Pak Mor Thai, but different from filling inside. Pak Mor Yaun use minced pork and chopped mushroom, fried spring onion and cooked together. Just eat together with white pork sausage and side dish vegetables for more delicious.

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Pork Steamed Rice Parcels (Kao Griab Pak Mor Yaun) - A delicious light meal of Viatnam which so popular in Thailand. The dough we use is similar to Pak Mor Thai, but different from filling inside. Pak Mor Yaun use minced pork and chopped mushroom, fried spring onion and cooked together. Just eat together with white pork sausage and side dish vegetables for more delicious.
The Flour
1. 1 cup flour
2. Flour 2 Tbsp.
3. Flour 2 tablespoons sharing her Mom.
4. 2 cup water

5. Pork chops 1 cup
6. Garlic, minced 1 Tbsp.
7. Chopped 1 cup mushroom
8. Spring Onion (chopped) 1/2 cup
9. Soy sauce 2 Tbsp.
10. 2 Tbsp. oyster sauce
11. Sugar 2 Tsp.
12. Salt 1/2 Tsp.
13. Cayenne pepper 1/2 Tsp.

14. Vinegar 1/4 cup
15. Sugar 1/2 cup.
16. Water 2 Tbsp.
17. Salt 1 Tsp.
18. 3 Red Goat Pepper (finely pounded)
19. Carrot (shredded) 1/2 cup
20. Radish (shredded) 1/2 cup
21. Peanuts (roasted) 2 Tsp.
22. Side dishes - white pork sausage, side vegetables, lettuce, mint leave, basil leaves.
1. Put rice flour, tapioca flour, arrowroot flour and mix together. Pour water, knead well and set aside.
2. Filling - Heat oil in a frying pan. Set over medium heat, put fried garlic, minced pork. Stir until cooked just a little, add mushroom. Season the taste, add chopped spring onion, mix well and set aside.
3. Sauce - Put in the pot, add vinegar, sugar, salt, water and heat until thick just a little. Turn off the heat. Add carrot and sliced radish and set aside. Sprinkle with peanuts. Serve together with black goat pepper.
4. Stretched cloth cover the pot. Make a holes for let the steam out. Pour water nearly full in the pot. Heat to boiling. Spread flour on a cloth and cover the lid. When starch cooked it will rise up and clear. Place filling on the dough and fold the dough. 
5. Serve on a plate. Sprinkle with fried garlic. Eat together with white pork sausage and sauce. If you like spicy taste, you can add more goat pepper.
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Pork Steamed Rice Parcels (Kao Griab Pak Mor Yaun)

Pork Steamed Rice Parcels (Kao Griab Pak Mor Yaun) - A delicious light meal of Viatnam which so popular in Thailand. The dough we use is similar to Pak Mor Thai, but different from filling inside. Pak Mor Yaun use minced pork and chopped mushroom, fried spring onion and cooked together. Just eat together with white pork sausage and side dish vegetables for more delicious.

Ingredient of Pork Steamed Rice Parcels (Kao Griab Pak Mor Yaun)

The Flour

1. 1 cup flour
2. Flour 2 Tbsp.
3. Flour 2 tablespoons sharing her Mom.
4. 2 cup water


5. Pork chops 1 cup
6. Garlic, minced 1 Tbsp.
7. Chopped 1 cup mushroom
8. Spring Onion (chopped) 1/2 cup
9. Soy sauce 2 Tbsp.
10. 2 Tbsp. oyster sauce
11. Sugar 2 Tsp.
12. Salt 1/2 Tsp.
13. Cayenne pepper 1/2 Tsp.


14. Vinegar 1/4 cup
15. Sugar 1/2 cup.
16. Water 2 Tbsp.
17. Salt 1 Tsp.
18. 3 Red Goat Pepper (finely pounded)
19. Carrot (shredded) 1/2 cup
20. Radish (shredded) 1/2 cup
21. Peanuts (roasted) 2 Tsp.
22. Side dishes - white pork sausage, side vegetables, lettuce, mint leave, basil leaves.

How to Cook Pork Steamed Rice Parcels (Kao Griab Pak Mor Yaun)

1. Put rice flour, tapioca flour, arrowroot flour and mix together. Pour water, knead well and set aside.
2. Filling - Heat oil in a frying pan. Set over medium heat, put fried garlic, minced pork. Stir until cooked just a little, add mushroom. Season the taste, add chopped spring onion, mix well and set aside.
3. Sauce - Put in the pot, add vinegar, sugar, salt, water and heat until thick just a little. Turn off the heat. Add carrot and sliced radish and set aside. Sprinkle with peanuts. Serve together with black goat pepper.
4. Stretched cloth cover the pot. Make a holes for let the steam out. Pour water nearly full in the pot. Heat to boiling. Spread flour on a cloth and cover the lid. When starch cooked it will rise up and clear. Place filling on the dough and fold the dough.
5. Serve on a plate. Sprinkle with fried garlic. Eat together with white pork sausage and sauce. If you like spicy taste, you can add more goat pepper.
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