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Pork Stomach with Sweet Red Sauce (Ka Por Moo Nam Dang)

       By: Chef Pat  

Recipe Detail :

Pork Stomach with Sweet Red Sauce (Ka Por Moo Nam Dang) - Healthy and delicious Chinese menu that most of Chinese people believed that good for health and maintain woman body after have a baby. Pork stomach can cooked in a variety of flavors and some ingredients may be more expensive, such as Kang Puay or abalone, so you can replacement some ingredient without losing the flavor.

Pork Stomach with Sweet Red Sauce (Ka Por Moo Nam Dang) - Healthy and delicious Chinese menu that most of Chinese people believed that good for health and maintain woman body after have a baby. Pork stomach can cooked in a variety of flavors and some ingredients may be more expensive, such as Kang Puay or abalone, so you can replacement some ingredient without losing the flavor.

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For 2 Person

1. 1 Boiled pork stomach
2. 1/2 cup of Champiyong mushrooms (can)
3. 1/2 cup of Asparagus (can)
4. 1 Tsp. Sweet dark soy sauce 
5. 2 Tsp. Soy sauce
6. 2 Tbsp. Chinese wine 
7. 2 Tsp. Sesame oil
8. 2 Tbsp. Oyster sauce
9. 3 Tbsp. Hong Kong tapioca
10. 2 Tbsp. Vegetable oil
11. 4 Cup broth
12. Water (for boiling pork stomach)

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1. Clean pork stomach thoroughly with water several times (turn inside out to clean as well) Then bring to a boil in water until soft. Bring up and drain dry.
2. Heat the pan and pour oil just a little. Then add pork stomach place into the pan. Turn upside down. Then cut into pieces in long line.
3. Heat the pan and pour oil down. Then fry pork stomach and add Chinese wine to stir-fry until fragrant. Add Champignon mushrooms, asparagus and stir together.
4. Season with soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil.
5. Add broth and stir until boiling. Add tapioca (dissolved in water) just a little and fry until thick. You can add water if the red sauce dry out.  Stir until well combine then pour in the clay pot. Serve while hot.

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รายการที่1-9 จาก 9

Pork Stomach with Sweet Red Sauce (Ka Por Moo Nam Dang)

Pork Stomach with Sweet Red Sauce (Ka Por Moo Nam Dang) - Healthy and delicious Chinese menu that most of Chinese people believed that good for health and maintain woman body after have a baby. Pork stomach can cooked in a variety of flavors and some ingredients may be more expensive, such as Kang Puay or abalone, so you can replacement some ingredient without losing the flavor.

Ingredient of Pork Stomach with Sweet Red Sauce (Ka Por Moo Nam Dang)

1. 1 Boiled pork stomach
2. 1/2 cup of Champiyong mushrooms (can)
3. 1/2 cup of Asparagus (can)
4. 1 Tsp. Sweet dark soy sauce
5. 2 Tsp. Soy sauce
6. 2 Tbsp. Chinese wine
7. 2 Tsp. Sesame oil
8. 2 Tbsp. Oyster sauce
9. 3 Tbsp. Hong Kong tapioca
10. 2 Tbsp. Vegetable oil
11. 4 Cup broth
12. Water (for boiling pork stomach)

How to Cook Pork Stomach with Sweet Red Sauce (Ka Por Moo Nam Dang)

1. Clean pork stomach thoroughly with water several times (turn inside out to clean as well) Then bring to a boil in water until soft. Bring up and drain dry.
2. Heat the pan and pour oil just a little. Then add pork stomach place into the pan. Turn upside down. Then cut into pieces in long line.
3. Heat the pan and pour oil down. Then fry pork stomach and add Chinese wine to stir-fry until fragrant. Add Champignon mushrooms, asparagus and stir together.
4. Season with soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil.
5. Add broth and stir until boiling. Add tapioca (dissolved in water) just a little and fry until thick. You can add water if the red sauce dry out. Stir until well combine then pour in the clay pot. Serve while hot.
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