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Sweet Sesame Noodles (Ba Mee Wan Nga Dum)

       By: Chef Pat  

Recipe Detail :

Sweet Sesame Noodles (Ba Mee Wan Nga Dum) - The antioxidant properties and calcium are highest in black sesame seeds. Chinese have long believed that black sesame seeds can cure anemia as well. This is great dessert menu that can serve both hot and cold and both delicious and healthy!

Sweet Sesame Noodles (Ba Mee Wan Nga Dum) - The antioxidant properties and calcium are highest in black sesame seeds. Chinese have long believed that black sesame seeds can cure anemia as well. This is great dessert menu that can serve both hot and cold and both delicious and healthy!

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For 2 person

1. 2 cubes Sesame noodle
2. 10 Chinese Jujube.
3. 10 Ginkgos
4. 5 Truffles
5. 2 Eggs
6. 1 cup of Brown sugar
7. 1 cup of Sugar
8. 1 Tsp. Salt
9. 1/2 stem Ginger
10. 4 cup of Water

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1. Boiled sesame noodles in boiling water until done. Rinse with cold water and blanch quickly in hot water again. Drain dry.
2. Wash ginger thoroughly. Peel, pound and set aside.
3. Boil water over medium heat. Add brown sugar and rock sugar, ginger and with a little salt. Simmer until sugar dissolves.
4. The Chinese jujube and ginkgo to boil 5 minutes.
5. Separate egg yolks and white. Then boil egg yolk in the syrup. When cooked, gently bring up and set aside.
6. Beat whites egg until rise up. Gradually pour to boil like egg yolks. When cooked, bring up and set aside.
7. Arrange noodles on a plate or dessert cups. Pour syrup, ginkgo, Chinese jujube and on lap noodles with egg yolk in the line to offer you a hot look.
8. If you break the ice to cool down after. In order not to lose the taste
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รายการที่1-6 จาก 6

Sweet Sesame Noodles (Ba Mee Wan Nga Dum)

Sweet Sesame Noodles (Ba Mee Wan Nga Dum) - The antioxidant properties and calcium are highest in black sesame seeds. Chinese have long believed that black sesame seeds can cure anemia as well. This is great dessert menu that can serve both hot and cold and both delicious and healthy!

Ingredient of Sweet Sesame Noodles (Ba Mee Wan Nga Dum)

1. 2 cubes Sesame noodle
2. 10 Chinese Jujube.
3. 10 Ginkgos
4. 5 Truffles
5. 2 Eggs
6. 1 cup of Brown sugar
7. 1 cup of Sugar
8. 1 Tsp. Salt
9. 1/2 stem Ginger
10. 4 cup of Water

How to Cook Sweet Sesame Noodles (Ba Mee Wan Nga Dum)

1. Boiled sesame noodles in boiling water until done. Rinse with cold water and blanch quickly in hot water again. Drain dry.
2. Wash ginger thoroughly. Peel, pound and set aside.
3. Boil water over medium heat. Add brown sugar and rock sugar, ginger and with a little salt. Simmer until sugar dissolves.
4. The Chinese jujube and ginkgo to boil 5 minutes.
5. Separate egg yolks and white. Then boil egg yolk in the syrup. When cooked, gently bring up and set aside.
6. Beat whites egg until rise up. Gradually pour to boil like egg yolks. When cooked, bring up and set aside.
7. Arrange noodles on a plate or dessert cups. Pour syrup, ginkgo, Chinese jujube and on lap noodles with egg yolk in the line to offer you a hot look.
8. If you break the ice to cool down after. In order not to lose the taste

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