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Seafood Clay Pot Baked Rice (Kao Aob Mor Din Soung Krueng)

       By: Chef Nok  

Recipe Detail :

Seafood Clay Pot Baked Rice (Kao Aob Mor Din Soung Krueng) - Favorite menu in the restaurant that everyone must order even it’s expensive. The secret of delicious will expose now on

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Seafood Clay Pot Baked Rice (Kao Aob Mor Din Soung Krueng) - Favorite menu in the restaurant that everyone must order even it’s expensive. The secret of delicious will expose now on

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For 1-2 person

1. 1 cup Jasmine rice
2. 1 Tbsp. Garlic oil
3. 3 Tbsp 1/4 cup Chicken Fermented soy sauce (cut into short pieces)
4. 2 Shrimps
5. Chinese sausage 1 Tbsp.
6. 1 Crab stick
7. Chopped mushrooms 1 Tbsp.
8. Fat shrimp 1/2 Tbsp.
9. Curry powder 1/2 Tsp.
10. Pepper 1/2 Tsp.
11. Sugar 1 Tsp.
12. Soy sauce 2 Tsp.
13. Chicken powder 1 Tbsp.
14. 1 Tsp Coriander root (finely chopped).
15. 1 Tsp. Ginger (finely chopped).
16. 2 Tsp. Margarine

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1. Heat oil. Stir chicken and shrimp until cooked. Bring up to set aside.
2. Heat garlic oil in a pan. Add minced ginger and coriander root to fry until fragrant.
3. Add Sa-Woey fat shrimp together with sliced mushroom. Fry until fragrant.
4. Add the remaining rice and all ingredients. Fry chicken and shrimp together.
5. Wipe margarine inside the container that can put into the oven thoroughly.
6. Put the rice down. Cover and put into the oven.
7. Bake at 200 degrees for about 5 minutes.
8. If you serve with a baking bowl, the rice will hot longer. Or if you don’t have the oven, just put it in the ceramic pot. Then heat over high heat about 2 minutes.

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รายการที่1-9 จาก 9

Seafood Clay Pot Baked Rice (Kao Aob Mor Din Soung Krueng)  

Seafood Clay Pot Baked Rice (Kao Aob Mor Din Soung Krueng) - Favorite menu in the restaurant that everyone must order even it’s expensive. The secret of delicious will expose now on

Ingredient of Seafood Clay Pot Baked Rice (Kao Aob Mor Din Soung Krueng)

1. 1 cup Jasmine rice
2. 1 Tbsp. Garlic oil
3. 3 Tbsp 1/4 cup Chicken Fermented soy sauce (cut into short pieces)
4. 2 Shrimps
5. Chinese sausage 1 Tbsp.
6. 1 Crab stick
7. Chopped mushrooms 1 Tbsp.
8. Fat shrimp 1/2 Tbsp.
9. Curry powder 1/2 Tsp.
10. Pepper 1/2 Tsp.
11. Sugar 1 Tsp.
12. Soy sauce 2 Tsp.
13. Chicken powder 1 Tbsp.
14. 1 Tsp Coriander root (finely chopped).
15. 1 Tsp. Ginger (finely chopped).
16. 2 Tsp. Margarine

How to Cook Seafood Clay Pot Baked Rice (Kao Aob Mor Din Soung Krueng)

1. Heat oil. Stir chicken and shrimp until cooked. Bring up to set aside.
2. Heat garlic oil in a pan. Add minced ginger and coriander root to fry until fragrant.
3. Add Sa-Woey fat shrimp together with sliced mushroom. Fry until fragrant.
4. Add the remaining rice and all ingredients. Fry chicken and shrimp together.
5. Wipe margarine inside the container that can put into the oven thoroughly.
6. Put the rice down. Cover and put into the oven.
7. Bake at 200 degrees for about 5 minutes.
8. If you serve with a baking bowl, the rice will hot longer. Or if you don’t have the oven, just put it in the ceramic pot. Then heat over high heat about 2 minutes.
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